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Executive Director


Bridgeport, Connecticut



Bridgeport Rescue Mission is an established Connecticut-based ministry with over 30 years of dedicated service to the community. They serve the poor, needy, and those struggling with addiction in Bridgeport and surrounding areas through on-site healthcare, residential addiction recovery programs, a food pantry, and more. In their dedication to the work of Christ and their community, BRM distributed over 943,000 pounds of food by October of 2023, with well over 1 million distributed by year's end. BRM’s $6.2 million budget for this year supports their extensive programming as well as 44 full-time and 22 part-time staff members.


Bridgeport Rescue Mission seeks a visionary, servant leader to be their Executive Director to usher their mission into a bright future. They would be responsible for the overall leadership of the Mission, the fulfillment of its mission, and the maintenance of its spiritual, financial, and reputational integrity. They will be the front-facing image of the Mission, working to gain the necessary support for its programs and services. They will also effectively empower staff and volunteers to accomplish the Mission’s purpose and best serve the community.


Jim and Tammy Watson established Bridgeport Rescue Mission in 1993. It began humbly, just them preparing meals in local church kitchens and delivering them in the back of their family station wagon. Jim shared the transforming power of God’s love with folks while Tammy sang gospel songs along with a karaoke machine.

Soon, they expanded to an old RV turned mobile kitchen, delivering food to hungry men, women, and children. In 1996, the Mission acquired the Fanny Crosby Memorial Home on Fairfield Avenue and relocated its men’s shelter there. In 1997, the Mission established an addiction recovery program for women.

Rev. Mickey Kalman became the Executive Director in 1999, creating physical fitness programs, adult education, and 12-step support programs for men and women wanting

to be free of addiction. By 2002, the Mission expanded its recovery services into the

New Life Program.

Following the 2008 recession, the Mission experienced unprecedented need in their community. They responded by expanding their services and meeting the needs of nearby South Norwalk, where many children were left underserved. By 2013, they acquired Bethel Recovery Center, today known as the Guest House for Women and Children, to provide emergency shelter, food, and clothing to vulnerable community members and serve single mothers.

In 2018 the mission purchased 725 Park Avenue to serve as their consolidated Community Care Center in response to expanding community needs.

After undergoing a $12 million remodel and update in 2023, the Mission opened its new Community Care Center that houses residential clients for their men’s and women’s recovery programs, the BRM/SAGE medical facility, and the Community Services department that provides food and clothing to those in need in coastal Connecticut.


The purpose of Bridgeport Rescue Mission is the promotion and practice of the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ through charitable Christian service to the poorest and the least, the lost, and the last.

The BRM’s secondary – but equally important objective – is the equipping of the poor with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully live the Christian life and become healthy, self-sufficient, and contributing members of society.

Fighting Poverty, Restoring Hope, Sharing God’s Love.

Bridgeport Rescue Mission fulfills this mission by providing vital services to men, women, and children facing hunger, homelessness, and addiction in Connecticut, offering help to heal communities and make them whole again. They seek to fight poverty from the inside out by embracing people with the compassion of Christ, offering hope and healing for a changed life.

The Mission offers food, clothing, safe housing, recovery, and health in order to propel people upwards and give them a hand-up rather than a hand-out. BRM offers a state-of-the-art drug and alcohol residential recovery program for men and women caught in the web of alcohol and drug abuse, as well as housing for mothers and their children.

Through their health clinic and resource center, they offer life-saving medical care like on-site healthcare services, mental health counseling, medical screenings, and transportation.

Bridgeport Rescue Mission also provides essential community services including a food pantry, free café, and more. As of Fall 2023 they have served 737,856 pounds of food to 10,432 families and 39,329 individuals in need, and by end of 2023 served over 1 million pounds of food to the community.


Title: Executive Director

Classification: Executive

Reports to: Board of Directors

Full executive authority subject only to any restrictions in resolutions of the Board, in a

Board Policy Manual under development and in the Mission’s By-Laws, the President

may enter into:

  • Commitments for human, financial and physical resources within the limits

    approved in the annual budget by the Board of Directors.

Travel: N/A

Location: Bridgeport, CT

Summary: The Executive Director provides visionary servant leadership to the directors, staff, and volunteers of the Bridgeport Rescue Mission. They will work closely with the eight Directors who report directly to him/her. The ED is responsible for submitting an annual operating budget to the Board of Directors and works under their supervision. They also provide support to the Director of Development in securing necessary funding and donations to meet the annual budget. The ED is the front-facing image of the Mission, working to gain the necessary support for its programs and services. At the same time, they need to effectively empower staff to accomplish the Mission’s purpose and best serve the community.


Key duties and responsibilities would include:

  1. Direct and supervise, primarily through delegation to a competent staff, the operation of all Mission programs, functions and activities.

  2. Develop with the assistance and approval of the Board, maintain and implement a strategic plan, including short and long-range goals for the Mission.

Board of Directors:

  1. Prepare, in consultation with the Board Chair, agendas for Board meetings and keep the Board informed about ongoing Mission activities.

  2. Coordinate and provide information to Board Committees for the conduct of Board Business.

  3. Participate in projects, which may be assigned by the Board.

  4. Assist the Board in the recruitment of Board Members, as requested.


  1. Assure that all theological, corporate, social, financial, governmental, and legal

    obligations are met.

  2. Assure adherence to and compliance with the highest standards of:

    Moral and ethical behavior

    Stewardship of financial resources

  3. Organize and direct the recruitment, selection, hiring, training, and evaluation of

    all staff and the handling of grievances and/or disciplinary actions.


  1. Assure that meaningful and effective programs are developed and maintained to

    meet the spiritual, physical and mental needs of the Mission clients.

Fund Raising and Public Relations:

  1. Define and implement, with the approval of the Board, the strategy to

    generate revenue adequate to meet the fiscal obligations of the Mission and support its administrative and program requirements.

  2. Meet with existing and potential large donors and corporate or foundation executives to acquaint them with the Mission and make requests for large gifts to the Mission.

  3. Visit local, including Fairfield County, churches regularly to invite prayer, supplies, and financial support.

  4. Develop, participate in, delegate, and/or supervise all public relations/media plans and activities.

  5. Maintain contact and meet with municipal officials to foster support of Mission programs and activities.

Community/External Relations:

  1. Maintain contact with relevant local, state, federal, and other organizations, which may vary at any given time.

  2. Plan, organize, develop, and implement the strategy, goals, policies, and procedures that are necessary for providing quality client service and maintaining a sound operation.

  3. Establish and maintain harmonious and effective working relationships with the board, staff, and public.

Growth Potential

  1. Working with the Board, create and execute a plan to maximize the Mission’s potential to change lives and be a community leader in helping people.

Direct Reports:

  • Executive Assistant

  • Director of Community Services

  • Director of Communications

  • Director of Development

  • Director of Finance

  • Director of Human Resources

  • Director of Life Change Programs

  • Director of Operations

  • Director of BRM/SAGE Resource Center


Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree required.

  • Experience leading a multi-cultural staff in an urban environment.

  • Missions experience required.

  • Management experience with over a $2 million budget is strongly preferred.

Work Environment: A multi-cultural urban environment with a diverse staff and

community they serve. Located on-site in Bridgeport, CT.


All employees of Bridgeport Rescue Mission are an integral part of the outreach ministry

of a non-denominational, evangelical ministry sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through

emergency and educational services. All employees are Christian missionaries and are required from time to time to participate in chapel services, outreach ministries, Bible studies and prayer times. Because of the nature of these types of ministries, it is an absolute necessity that each employee including the CEO possesses and maintains a Christian testimony of their faith and experience in Jesus, and a lifestyle that is above reproach. What an employee does on their own time may seriously affect his/her ability to perform these types of ministries, which are an important part of their job.

The ideal candidate should also be:

  • Collaborative

  • Visionary

  • Supportive

  • Strong faith & relationship with Christ

  • Relational

  • Reliable


  • Cross-cultural competency

  • Effective Leadership

  • Fundraising

  • Public Speaking

  • Motivational Speaker

Compensation Package:

A competitive compensation and benefits package will be discussed during a personal




  1. A unique partnership with local medical schools has provided an unparalleled opportunity to provide high quality, low cost medical care for the community.

  2. A committed and professional staff and the changed lives of former clients from the drug and alcohol rehab program have helped build a solid reputation in the community that the next executive leader can build upon for expansion.

  3. The Community Center has remodeled its housing ministry to homeless mothers and children and expanded its community food service to serve over 1 million pounds of food in 2024 for free!


  1. The next Executive Director should bring skill in cross cultural management to be able to most effectively lead a multicultural and multiethnic ministry to greater success.

  2. Despite raising the $12 million capital to buy and renovate the current Community Center, there has been some turnover in the Development team. Recent hires have stabilized the team, but this is an opportunity for continued excellence in leadership.


The most populous city in Connecticut, Bridgeport is a coastal town with charm, a colorful downtown, and lively diversity. Revered for its high quality of life and low median housing prices, Bridgeport is hard to beat. Officially nicknamed “Park City” due to its many public parks, the city is home to 35 public parks taking up 1,300 acres. More than a dozen Fortune 500 companies (Unilever, Lockheed Martin) are based in its metropolitan area as well, including being the location where fast food giant Subway was started.

The surrounding suburban sprawl is spacious and wonderful for young families, with excellent schools, parks, green spaces, playgrounds, shopping, and more. For a home in the suburbs (Trumbull, CT), you’ll likely spend around $570,000. Just 60 miles from New York City, the area has always been a convenient home for commuters. While that makes its cost of living high, Bridgeport itself is nearly 10% less costly than the rest of Connecticut. Bridgeport boasts four distinct seasons of the year, including the radiant fall with New England's famed foliage.

If, after prayerfully reviewing this information, you believe this role fits you well, or if you know someone you would like to recommend, please contact:

Dr. Rich Kidd



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