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Mission:Leadership has developed a unique process for understanding and meeting your needs as an organization, whether you're a faith-based nonprofit, business, academic institution or church.



We begin each and every search process with our Discovery Visit, spending time onsite getting to know you and your team as well as your mission, culture, opportunities and challenges. From this firsthand knowledge, we’ll create an approved, interactive, online Opportunity Profile that represents an accurate view of both your organization and the role. A typical search lasts 8–10 weeks (10–12 weeks for CEO/Executive Director/Senior Pastor roles) from your approval of the Organizational Profile to our delivery of candidates, and M:L guarantees that we will stay on the job until the right candidate is found and hired, no matter how long it takes.



We don’t just “advertise” and field resumes, Rather, we have developed strong, decades-long relationships with key leaders and stakeholders in the corporate, nonprofit and church worlds here in the USA (as well as internationally) who serve as conduits to high-quality potential candidates. In fact, our unique Council of 200 are hand-chosen, top-tier leaders representing a cross-section of experience, expertise, age, ethnicity, locations and verticals who have agreed to engage with us regarding every new opportunity. We will also update you weekly (via email, phone or Zoom) on exactly where things stand in our process.



Our proven, in-depth screening process looks deeply at not only a candidate’s qualifications and experience, but at their story, style, character, relationships and culture fit with your organization. Our team utilizes our decades-long personal experience in nonprofit leadership, corporate business, and the local church along with screenings, interviews, assessments, research and other proprietary tools that help identify the best candidates.



Our guarantee is that we will deliver you candidates who don’t simply have the qualifications and experience level you want, but who also align with your mission and values and will positively contribute to your culture. The comprehensive online portfolio you receive on each candidate encompasses a work history, educational background, photos, specially-designed questionnaires, screening and interview notes, personal and professional assessments, video samples (when needed), and multiple reference sources.



We’re here to support you as much (or as little) as you need throughout your evaluation and interview process, and will gladly communicate feedback to candidates, help you determine your engagement process, assist with salary negotiations, and even share onboarding “best practices.” Plus, we warranty the hire you make for a full year—in some cases for up to two years—meaning that if the person you hire leaves or doesn't work out, we’ll repeat the search for up to three months and five additional candidates, at no additional charge.

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