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Executive Director


Madison, Wisconsin


The Organization

Wisconsin Family Council is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization that actively preserves God’s plan for marriage and family, the sanctity of human life and religious freedom in the public arena of Wisconsin while educating and equipping individual Christians and church leaders to do the same in their communities. With a combined annual budget of over $1.3 million, WFC joins with its 501(c)4 public policy partner Wisconsin Family Action to work through several initiatives to lobby and promote conservative family values in the state. They are Wisconsin’s best family values resource!


The Opportunity

WFC/WFA is seeking an Executive Director to join an established leadership team who can work effectively at the intersections of government, media, the Church, and other like-minded organizations to effectively represent and advocate for families in the turbulent culture of Wisconsin. They will help lead the organization with strong Judeo-Christian values and a clear vision for the future alongside the board. The board envisions a smooth executive transition between the Executive Director and President over the year in 2024.


Originally founded as Family Research Institute of Wisconsin by several concerned Christian leaders in 1986; the organization first advocated for rights of religious schools to teach and train students in a biblical manner without state interference.


The name was later changed to Wisconsin Family Council. In the 1990’s, the organization advocated for parental rights and successfully decreased state intervention. Julaine joined WFC in 1997 and became the Executive Director in 1998. Wisconsin Family Action (WFA) was formed in 2006 to enable extensive lobbying in the state legislature, promoting Christian and family values in state government, and to allow for more direct election work. Per their related bylaws, the boards of the two organizations are identical. Currently, the organizational structure is “c4-centric,” meaning the majority of the staff are employees of the c4, WFA. Two staff members are solely WFC employees. WFA staff do WFC work on a regular basis. Each month, WFA bills WFC for staff time, percentage of overhead, and other shared expenses.


Today, WFC is a part of a nationwide network of Family Policy Councils (FPCs), which are independent, nonprofit organizations dedicated to strengthening families in their state by equipping, informing, mobilizing and educating policy leaders, elected officials, institutions, and concerned citizens on the issues that impact the family. The WFC is proud to be affiliated with Focus on the Family, Family Policy Alliance, Family Research Council, and Alliance Defending Freedom.


The WFC mission is to advance Judeo-Christian principles and values in Wisconsin by strengthening, preserving, and promoting marriage, family, life, and religious freedom. They perform community and statewide work to foster a movement in Wisconsin to affirm families that reflect God’s design and plan.


Some of their most notable initiatives include:

  • Publicizing issues that relate to marriage, family, life, and religious freedom through the website, podcasts and publications that are distributed in churches. Many Wisconsin church members know the organization through a publication distributed in nearly 500 churches in Wisconsin called the "Church Connection" and also through the election-cycle "Voter Information Publications."

  • President Julaine Appling speaks to Wisconsin residents regularly through their Radio Networks, including on the Wisconsin Family Minute, the Wisconsin Family Connection, Home Front, and other Christian programs, such as Stand up for the Truth, as a guest. These programs are also made available as podcasts.

  • Keeping citizens in Wisconsin informed about issues impacting family life in the Badger State through the Capital Connection.

  • Lobbying legislators in the Wisconsin legislature, sponsoring or promoting bills in the legislature.

  • Connecting pastors from around the state to come to the state capitol to pray with and for their legislators through the Church Ambassador Network. They have as a goal to develop authentic, redemptive relationships between Bible-believing pastors and elected officials who serve in statewide and local offices.

  • Enlisting Christian-leaning candidates, working through various means to get these candidates elected (distributing Voter Guides, placing ads in the media including social media, running sophisticated and strategic election plans).

  • Promoting future leaders with a Christian mindset (LEAD Wisconsin). LEAD WI is a teen leadership/worldview week-long camp program, that provides exposure for high school students to civics and government while especially emphasizing boldly living their faith among their peers and in any walk of life God has for them in the future. LEAD WI has grown over the last four years to include nearly 130 teens, requiring a staff/crew of over 40 to run this unique camp.


Title: Executive Director

Classification: Exempt

Reports to: Wisconsin Family Action/Wisconsin Family Council Board

Travel: Around the state at times. Out of state 2 - 4 times per year at company expense.

Location: Within Commuting distance of Madison, WI

Direct Reports: Legislative Director; Office Manager; Event/project coordinator; LEAD WI Coordinator; Director, Church Ambassador Network; Part time staff - WFA/WFC


Summary: Wisconsin Family Council is looking for an Executive Director that will help lead their team and the state of Wisconsin into the future, armed with the core values of the past. As the face of the organization, they will learn to spearhead fundraising efforts and champion public events and communicate through press releases and other media opportunities. With a strength in appealing to donors, the ideal candidate will effectively utilize all the resources at their disposal to maximize fundraising efforts.


The Executive Director will assist the President as the visionary and strategic leader who, along with the Wisconsin Family Action/Wisconsin Family Council team, can work effectively at the intersections of government, media, the Church, and other like-minded organizations to effectively represent and advocate for families in the turbulent culture of Wisconsin while ensuring compliance with Board policy guidance and applicable federal, state, and local requirements. The successful candidate will be a broadly informed leader with a high level of social policy acumen who has the capacity to engage, encourage, equip, and excite others to be advocates for God-ordained institutions and the Judeo-Christian philosophy.



The President is responsible for mission accomplishment as adopted by the Board of Directors, and the Executive Director will assist the President in overall operations and asset protection for the Wisconsin FPC, a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational family policy council organization, with an associated 501(c)(4) non-profit social policy advocacy arm. It is the intent of the Board to manage a smooth transition of the Executive Director into the role of President over a one-year period.


Key duties and responsibilities would include:

  • Will pursue implementation of the FPC mission adopted by the Board of Directors. Often articulated in a vision statement, the President and Executive Director have no greater work-related goal than the FPC’s mission success.

  • Will develop and cultivate relationships with people and organizations influential to the mission, including fund-raising sources; policy makers; professionals; media & business people; church and pro-family leaders, etc. The ED will track contacts and communications through letters, faxes, e-mail, and phone calls. The ED will coordinate within the network of all FPCs to offer successful programs and concepts from one FPC to another.

  • Will maintain required and needed communication with the Board regarding meetings, contacts, reports, initiatives and program development.

  • Coordinates, resources, and implements the organization’s strategic plan as adopted by the Board of Directors. Assists in the development of short and long-term organizational goals and objectives as well as policies and procedures for WFA/WFC operations. Establishes plans and implements policies to achieve goals set by the Board of Directors.

  • Coordinates, resources, and implements a long-range development plan that includes multi-faceted areas of fundraising; one to one, direct mail, planned giving, grants and foundations, as adopted by the Board of Directors. Incumbent will monitor and participate in WFA/WFC donor recognition programs and, with the assistance of the Board, continue the development of funding through networking and “friend raising.”

  • Will organize, train, and equip the staff when appropriate with regard to the mission, vision, and strategic plans and objectives for WFA/WFC. The incumbent will identify and mentor future leadership potential within the organization. The incumbent will encourage the spiritual growth of the staff.

  • Is responsible for all accounting functions including those necessary for auditing, budgeting, financial analysis, capital asset and property management and payroll in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, Board and IRS policies and procedures, as well as all other applicable rules and guidelines.

  • Handles all aspects of human resource management for employees including but not limited to hiring and termination, developing position descriptions, setting compensation, and applying Board-approved employee policies and benefits in accordance with federal and state requirements; regularly supervises WFA/WFC administrative staff.

  • Interacts with Family Policy Alliance, as the host of the national alliance of FPCs. Also interacts with other allied organizations such as Alliance Defending Freedom, Family Research Council and Focus on the Family in regard to matters affecting the FPC.

  • Is responsible for grants and contracts management including negotiating agreement terms that reflect the needs of WFA/WFC; coordinates with legal advisors to finalize agreement terms on behalf of the organizations; monitors progress of agreements and maintains agreement documentation to ensure fulfillment of agreement terms including receipt and expenditure of funds.

  • Analyzes and evaluates vendor services, particularly for insurance, employee benefits and management of WFA/WFC funds, to determine programs and providers that best meet the needs of the organizations and makes recommendations to the Board, as appropriate; negotiates services, terms and premiums and executes contracts with benefit plan providers, supply and service vendors, auditors and consultants; manages payroll and benefits programs.

  • Travels routinely within Wisconsin to engage policy makers and constituents, as well as out of state to attend conferences, training and other events as required to acquire and maintain proficiency in fulfilling the responsibilities of the position.

  • Stays current on public/social policy issues which are within the scope of the stated mission and impact families.

  • Represents and speaks on behalf of WFA/WFC in any setting. 

Other Duties and Responsibilities

  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Board

  • In coordination with the Board/Board Chair, negotiates and agrees to an annual performance plan and receives an annual appraisal based upon that performance plan.



Education & Experience: Bachelor’s required, Master’s preferred.

  • Administrative experience in a non-profit organization is desired.

  • Fundraising experience and an innate ability to advocate for funding is highly desired and will make the candidate more competitive.

  • An in-depth knowledge of social/public policy (pro-family, pro-life) issues, as well as federal, state, and local governance is required.

  • Ability to think strategically about WFA/WFC’s priorities and how to translate these priorities into program and staff recruitment and related fundraising activities is required.

Work Environment: The workplace values efficiency and Christian ethics in a way that honors God's word. The office is located in Madison, WI and requires the President to live within 40 minutes of the city.


This position requires extensive computer use so the employee must have sufficient hand dexterity to use a computer keyboard and be capable of reading a computer screen. The employee must occasionally lift and/or move up to 20 pounds. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.



  • Has a clear testimony of salvation by faith in Christ.

  • Demonstrates behaviors aligned with WFA/WFC’s core values.

  • Exhibits integrity in professional and personal life in accordance with Biblical standards.

  • Diplomatic and approachable—possesses humility and demonstrates servant leadership.

  • Possesses a sense of calling, has an accurate self-evaluation, and doesn’t aspire to run for political office.

  • Possesses strong strategic instincts, politically savvy, a self-starter, action-oriented and self-motivated.

  • Strong work ethic and family values.


  • Excellent verbal and written communication

  • Fundraising experience

  • Political background would be helpful.

  • A digital native would move the role forward.

  • Election and State Legislature experience would be ideal.

  • Highly polished verbal skills; clarity of expression, good organization of thoughts, and effective articulation.

  • Convincing, persuasive, and credible.

  • Ability to resolve conflict, disagreement, misunderstandings, and misinterpretations.

  • Well-developed social skills; bright and friendly; high level of energy and enthusiasm.

  • Creates favorable first impression in terms of appropriate attire, appearance, bearing, and manner.

  • Ability to maintain a sense of perspective with humor under pressure and when confronted with shifting priorities.

  • Ability to effectively communicate across denominational and theological distinctions.

  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.

  • Relationally astute; a manager and motivator of people, not intimidated to engage the highest-placed personalities in public life.

Chemistry with the culture

  • If uses alcohol, does so in moderation, conscious of the responsibilities of a public figure.

  • Able to speak with church audiences and familiar with church culture.

Compensation Package

A generous compensation package will be discussed in personal interviews. This will include a stipend for insurance, and include mileage reimbursement or car, phone, and business lunches.



  1. The President of the organization, Julaine Appling, has been a high-energy leader who has garnered the respect of thousands across the state for her tireless work in promoting family values. The next Executive Director will join a team with highly polished communication skills and deep political connections.

  2. WFC/WFA has a very talented and committed staff that puts together excellent programs (i.e.LEAD WI—a worldview/leadership camp for high school students built on a government/civics platform) and a website that offers a lot of information on issues that are relevant to concerned Christians. They have learned to work together and rely on one another to accomplish more than expected. They are small but mighty in the fight for family values in Wisconsin.

  3. The Church Ambassador Network has been incredibly successful on the model of the Iowa-based Family Leader of enlisting pastors to pray with and for members of the Wisconsin state legislature in hopes of creating authentic, redemptive relationships.



  1. Greater effectiveness in fund raising, expanding a budget sufficiently large enough to support all aspects of the organization's mission including publicizing issues affecting Christians, voter education, promoting Christian values, lobbying legislators, and praying with and offering a spiritual presence to state legislators. This will require both an expansion of major donor participation at the “top” of the donor pyramid, as well as an expansion of first-time donors across the “bottom” of the donor pyramid.

  2. Initiate even broader exposure to the public with the organization's powerful message to impact a wider circle of influence in Wisconsin. This could include additional denominations or church groups, other like-minded social organizations, and greater use of other means of communication such as podcasts or social media.

  3. Follow a highly effective well-known leader who is nearly synonymous with the organization across the state and indeed the country with fresh vision and energy to accomplish the ever-relevant mission of expanding family values in Wisconsin. The current President is “not flashy but faithful” and has endured opposition from many fronts including a firebombing attack on the offices of WFC/WFA. The next leader of the organization will need a thick skin and a big heart to follow in these illustrious footsteps.


The state capitol, Madison is the second largest city in the state after Milwaukee. With a population of nearly 300,000 in 2020, this medium-sized city has the opportunities of an urban area with the charm of a small town. Because of its unique location on an isthmus, the city is surrounded by five lakes providing beautiful waterfront views. It features impressive architecture like the lakefront convention center designed by the famed Frank Lloyd Wright.


Madison is home to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the domed State Capitol building. For family entertainment and enrichment, visit the Overture Center for the Arts or Henry Vitas Zoo. For outdoor lovers, they also have the most parks and playgrounds per capita of any of the 100 largest cities in the US, with safe bike paths to traverse throughout the city. And if you’re a fan of cheese, you’re in luck; Madison is renowned for their cheese curds, a Wisconsin delicacy. Notably, Madison is also the fastest growing city in the state with a booming technology sector and steady tourism.

The cost of living in Madison is about on par with the national average, with decently priced groceries and restaurant dining, as well as affordable social activities and shopping. To buy property, 3-bedroom homes in Madison average between $365,000-$390,000. To rent a three-bedroom apartment or home, you will likely spend between $1720-$1950 a month.

If, after prayerfully reviewing this information, you believe this role fits you well, or if you know someone you would like to recommend, please contact:


Dr. Rich Kidd



mobile :: (757) 642–0622

company main :: (615) 422–0884

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