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Director, Faith-Based Initiatives




ForAfrika, founded over four decades ago, is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering communities across Africa through sustainable development projects. Their initiatives span various sectors including education, healthcare, infrastructure, and economic empowerment.  The transformative power of faith-based partnerships is bringing about tremendous positive change.  They are blessed with 650+ employees and $65MM of revenues to contribute towards leveraging these partnerships to create lasting impact.  However, they still have a great distance to travel to achieve their goals.

ForAfrika is searching for a dynamic, called, and experienced Director, Faith-Based Initiatives to join their work and build a high-functioning strategy and plan for long-term growth.  The Director will work in coordination with the Chief Development Officer to multiply the number of $10K+ donors and nurture relationships with probable major donors, leading to greater awareness and investment in ForAfrika.


In partnership with our communities, we remove barriers and restore the abundance of Africa to its people.



To provide the resources that unlock the abundance of Africa so every African community can thrive.



Founded four decades ago, ForAfrika (formerly Joint Aid Management) is the largestAfrican humanitarian aid and development organization with a mission to provide the resources that unlock the abundance of Africa so that every African community can thrive. We are Africans, daily finding local solutions to the unique challenges of Africa, in Africa. ForAfrika is driven by a deep love for the land and for our people. We are here before others come, and we remain after they leave.


Our organization was founded on Christian values. It is with this fibre and heart that we continue to serve our continent and our people without discrimination of race, religion, gender, political stance or any other form. We thank God for the privilege of our calling to serve our people. From initially only providing lifesaving nutritional relief in one country, the organization has grown to deliver a variety of localized program interventions in seven African countries and are soon starting operations in Ethiopia, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eswatini and Tanzania. ForAfrika is healthy and possesses a very bright future. 



With our head office in Johannesburg, South Africa, and 650 staff globally, our goal is to empower 20 million Africans to sustainably provide for themselves by 2032.



As an organization rooted in the global South, and guided by our Theory of Change, we are focused on locally-led programs to achieve long-term transformational change through:


  • Responding quickly in emergencies – We offer vital support and resources to our communities when they need us most.

  • Providing access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) – Working closely with communities to decide the best methods and solutions.

  • Boosting food security and livelihoods – We help boost food security throughagricultural training and support which leads to more sustainable livelihoods forour people.

  • Ensuring good health and nutritional support for healthier, stronger communities.

  • Supporting quality education – Our people will have better futures due to a strong and stable educational environment.

  • Driving economic growth – We equip our communities with the right skills and access to grow Africa’s economy.



The overall purpose of this opportunity is to steward and develop a strategy and plan for long-term growth while strengthening new donor connections and cultivating existing donor relationships.

  1. We have previously and successfully focused our efforts on building a high-quality delivery system of humanitarian support and aid.  However, we have not done an equally good job focusing a strategy on long-term sustained growth.  Together, we will develop this strategy and plan.

  2. With the exciting mission of ForAfrika, this “called” Director, Faith-Based Initiatives will develop a fundraising strategy and infrastructure to more successfully communicate and multiply large donors. They will work in coordination with the Chief Development Officer.

  3. The person in this role will diligently pray and seek to multiply the number of $10K+ donors and nurture relationships with probable major donors, leading to greater awareness and investment in ForAfrika.

  4. Invite people to pray for and give financially to further ForAfrika's mission and vision.



ForAfrika is healthy in the field – with great promise for the future!

  1. However, we have a lack of leadership focused on developing a diversified funding base.  Overemphasis was previously placed on developing programs without a corollary investment in fundraising capacity across Affiliate offices in North America and Europe.  We will change this by strengthening our ability to connect with and communicate with these donors and the broader evangelical audience effectively and consistently.

  2. There is a general lack of knowledge among US and European evangelicals – and among younger generations in particular – regarding God's love and plan for the people of Africa and our work to solve this challenge.  As a result, this role will develop and equip new contacts and major donors with information to support why they should be part of the ForAfrika Donor Team.


To further the vision, impact, and work of ForAFRIKA through engaged and passionate donors globally, ForAFRIKA is seeking a Director, Faith-Based Initiatives. This talented and relational individual will concentrate on strengthening donor connections, relationships and building a purposeful fund-raising foundation that possesses an emotional connection to the mission and purpose of ForAFRIKA.  Although this is a remote opportunity, candidates must reside near an airport with abundant routes and be willing to travel to donors.


This is a new, first-of-its-kind position for ForAFRIKA, with plenty of future opportunities for the right individual. This person will be highly relational and flexible and will deliver on commitments. The successful candidate will possess significant relationships and networking among Christian and faith-based organizations with a track record of securing gifts and funds for mission driven organizations, alongside a commitment to Africa.

This will be a single-person operation for the near future, so there is limited support other than administrative and functional support. A team is not present to manage or lead.  However, this can change when one is created by demand. This individual will understand the fundraising profession and will possess solid networks to move through and find support for ForAfrika…a major African based humanitarian organization.  The environment is healthy and energized for the future.

What is the ideal candidate doing now? They may be a professional fundraiser who is driven by the mission of their current organization. Possibly they are serving in a non-profit, charity, humanitarian organization, cause, or purpose-driven organization. This individual is a self-starter and driven with limited oversight. They will be remote and have limited in-person interaction with the overall team. They will be a shop of one until we raise funds and it is abundantly clear of the need to expand.


The candidate will need to be an excellent communicator, passionately sharing his/her love for Africa and our mission.

This gifted individual likely possesses strengths and abilities of:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Relational Communication Abilities

  • Fundraiser

  • Creative/Innovator

  • Marketer with the savvy and confidence of someone persuasive, but within a spiritually, mature context

  • Proactive in the execution of their duties


POSITION TITLE: Director, Faith-Based Initiatives

REPORTING TO: Chief Development Officer





As the Director, Faith-Based Initiatives at ForAfrika, you will hold a pivotal leadership role responsible for the strategic implementation and execution of comprehensive fundraising strategies to advance the organization's vision and financial goals. Reporting directly to the Chief Development Officer (CDO), you will collaborate closely with the Director of Development—Philanthropy, Foundations, and Corporate, as well as the Director of Development—Grants and Institutional Foundations. You will be responsible for driving forward our work and building our brand within the faith-based sector.

You will implement and leverage technology to manage and monitor donor information and produce data-driven measurement and reporting of the progress of fundraising goals. You must be comfortable meeting with high, net worth individuals.



1. LMA: Leadership + Management = Accountability

  • Establish and maintain a culture of accountability by providing clear expectations, setting performance standards in line with our core values (Deep Love for Africa, Dependability, Compassion, Initiative, Discipline).

  • Empower team members to take ownership of their responsibilities, fostering a collaborative and results-driven culture.

2. Execute Group faith-based fundraising strategy

  • Execute the Together program based fundraising strategy across the group with an initial focus on North America.

  • Ensure the appropriate support is provided to the Together program partners or churches to ensure successful fundraising efforts.

3. Steward strategic faith-based relationships

  • Identify and cultivate relationships with potential faith-based donors and partners, creating a robust network and pipeline for sustainable funding for Together communities,

  • Strengthen relationships with affiliate offices outside of North America for the purpose of rolling out the faith based Together program across the ForAfrika Group.

  • Management of Together program donor/partner engagement, including donor stewardship, accurate and timely reporting, marketing support and short-term missions.

4. Deliver on revenue targets

  • Secure funding according to agreed targets in support of Together program within the faith-based sector.

  • Monitor and analyze fundraising performance, regularly assessing the effectiveness of the strategy, and making data-driven adjustments to maximize revenue generation, while ensuring alignment with the organization's long-term financial objectives and growth.

  • Develop specific targets for each quarter across the targeted geographies.

5. Build FA brand within targeted faith-based markets

  • Collaborate with marketing and communications teams to build the FA brand and Together program identity within the targeted faith-based sectors.

  • Leverage fundraising campaigns to tell compelling stories and showcase the impact of the organization's work, enhancing brand awareness and creating emotional connections with donors, thereby strengthening the brand's image and loyalty among key stakeholders.

6. Budget Management

  • Develop and manage the fundraising budget, ensuring efficient use of resources.

  • Monitor and report on fundraising performance against budget goals.

7. Collaboration and Communication

  • Collaborate with other departments to ensure alignment of fundraising efforts with organizational priorities.

  • Communicate the impact of donor contributions to inspire ongoing support within the faith-based community.



  • Over ten (10) years of experience in an income-generating capacity within a non-profit, demonstrating proficiency in identifying, approaching, securing, and stewarding donors.

  • Extensive experience working with faith-based individuals and institutions, including but not limited to churches, Christian foundations, and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs).

  • Proven expertise in developing, networking, and enhancing philanthropic relationships, particularly at high giving levels.

  • In-depth understanding of the faith-based and funding sectors, with a working knowledge of key social issues affecting Africa.

  • Demonstrated success in delivering high-level stewardship of donors.

  • Strategic thinker with the ability to envision and implement long-term fundraising goals.

  • Results-oriented and motivated to achieve fundraising targets.

  • Understanding of and commitment to ForAfrika values and mission.



  • MSc/MA in Marketing, Development Studies, International Relations, Business Administration, Social Sciences, or a relevant subject (preferred but not mandatory).

  • Exceptional written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills, with the ability to effectively engage and negotiate with a diverse range of individuals.

  • Knowledge of program development and design, resource acquisition, major donors, and donor relations.

  • Experience working within a fundraising database; proficiency in Salesforce is an asset.



  • A spiritual calling and design to serve in this role at ForAfrika at this time.

  • Outstanding interpersonal, influencing, and relationship-building skills.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Strong planning and organizational skills with meticulous follow-through.

  • Diplomatic, analytical, trustworthy, and characterized by the highest personal and professional integrity.

  • Adaptable and thriving in a dynamic and changing environment.



  • Salary: $125–135,000, depending on experience.

  • Benefits: Medical Insurance, Retirement Contributions, and many more.

  • Vacation: 21 days PTO

  • Remote: Flexibility to work from home

  • Travel: Some, based on demand

To learn more about the work of ForAfrika, please visit their website at To view their most recent 2022 Annual Impact Report, click here.


After prayerfully reviewing this information, if you sense this position opportunity could be a good fit for you, please click on the APPLY NOW button below. Or if you know someone who may be interested and a fit, please share this opportunity using the social media and email buttons at the top of this page.

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