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Chief Executive Officer


Dallas, Texas



Family Legacy Ministries International (FLMI) is a child-focused nonprofit whose mission is to glorify God by empowering vulnerable children in Zambia to live out their God-given potential. Through its camps, schools, facilities, and social and healthcare services and, most of all, people, the organization has positively impacted, and continues to impact, tens of thousands of children in the Lusaka region of Zambia.


The new Chief Executive Officer will be charged with leading this well-established international ministry into its envisioned future with the teams in the Dallas headquarters and in Zambia, along with the many volunteers and supporters FLMI partners with across the U.S., utilizing the ministry’s four programs—Legacy Academies, the Tree of Life Children’s Village with the Hill Wellness Center, Excel Beyond, and Camp Life.


Founded in 2001, Family Legacy began as a “Vacation Bible School”-type ministry when eight volunteers traveled from the U.S. to Zambia to share the Gospel with vulnerable and orphaned children. Over time, the VBS-type program came to resemble more of a camp experience and, each year, the camp program grew to include more vulnerable children and volunteers. In 2007, Family Legacy launched a sponsorship program for the children attending its programs.

Recognizing the significant needs of these children, Family Legacy opened the Tree of Life Children’s Village in 2009, which is a transitional full-time living facility for children with the most intense needs. Today, the Tree of Life has a neighborhood of homes, a school, the Hill Wellness Center, and a working farm. Shortly thereafter, Family Legacy opened its first “Legacy Academy,” a private Christian school in Lusaka. From 2010–2018, Legacy Academies were opened across 17 communities within Lusaka (23 schools in total) and grew in enrollment to over 14,000 students. The summer camp program, now known as Camp Life, continued to grow to 7 weeks of camp (pre-COVID) each summer with up to 100 American ambassadors and up to 1,000 Zambia children (campers) each week. Camp Life is the primary driver of new child sponsorships as American ambassadors establish a personal relationship with a child first before sponsoring him or her for Legacy Academy or Tree of Life. More recently, Family Legacy has created the Excel Beyond Program to give secondary school graduates the opportunity to maximize their educational and career potential beyond secondary school.

In 2018, leadership transitioned from Family Legacy’s founder to its second CEO, Mario Zandstra. While 2018 and 2019 were robust years for Family Legacy, the Covid-19 pandemic had a meaningfully challenging impact on the operations and finances of the ministry in 2020-21. Camp Life, was canceled both years and students missed more than 30% of their school days. Family Legacy continued to enroll new students during this period, despite Camp Life being canceled. From 2022 onward, the organization has focused on stabilizing and optimizing the ministry, both in terms of the number of children served as well as financially, and positioning it for the long-term.

Today, FLMI is a ~$20 million ministry that employs more than 25 people in the U.S. and nearly 850 people in Zambia, including five ex-pats. The current budget is down a bit from pre-Covid years, with about 58% coming from child sponsorships, 20% from general giving (primarily major donors), 15% from short-term mission trips, and 7% from other sources. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the organization is governed by a very committed 9-member Board of Directors and, in lieu of a permanent CEO at this time, is led by a leadership team comprised of the interim CEO (and COO), Jared Fuson; Zambian Country Director, Chikondi Phiri; Chief Relationship Officer, David Newman; and VP of Strategic Initiatives, Kelsey Lemmons.


Family Legacy serves and educates vulnerable and orphaned children in a holistic manner— spiritually, intellectually, physically, and emotionally through four key programs: Legacy Academies, Tree of Life, Excel Beyond (tertiary education), and Camp Life. For an excellent comprehensive overview of each of these programs and FLMI’s overall work in Zambia, click here.

There are approximately 13,000 children in the ministry’s education programs right now, 2,000 of whom are unsponsored. Sponsorship rates are $48/mo for primary school age, $72/mo for secondary school, $300/mo for Tree of Life, and $450-500/mo for university students. Currently housing about 450 children, the Tree of Life facility can house up to 750-800 children, ideally for anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.


God is using Family Legacy to transform the lives of vulnerable children in Zambia by spreading the gospel, discipling children through a Christian education system, and ministering to the physical and social needs of the children, their families, and their communities. The CEO will have the opportunity to lead a committed and dedicated staff in changing the lives of the vulnerable and orphaned children of Zambian and the Americans who serve them. Their unique model has proven effective as indicated by the approximately 13,000 children currently in the program receiving a Christian education, the more than 2,600 graduates to date, and the many children and family members who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Many of Family Legacy’s supporters and child sponsors have seen this firsthand through personal visits to Zambia (mostly at Camp Life). In fact, Family Legacy’s ability to strengthen American families’ bonds with each other by offering opportunities for entire families to travel to Zambia together to minister to Zambian children can be life changing. Having an entire family, sometimes multi-generational families, serve together has a lasting impact on family relationships and yields benefits even after they return home from their time in Zambia. God uses the vulnerable and orphaned children of Zambia to change the lives of Americans.

Given the challenges of the past several years, Family Legacy is in a state of transition. The organization has had some turnover in key roles in Dallas (CEO and director of finance) and senior ex-pat staff in Zambia (“AmZams”), making it more challenging to execute on the mission. Additionally, two summers without Camp Life (due to COVID), followed by two years of smaller Camp Life groups due to fires on the property, have negatively impacted child sponsorship levels.

Family Legacy continues to add new children to its education system in order to maintain and stabilize class sizes. Most of the students added to the Legacy Academies during Covid were brought in without matching sponsorships and remain unsponsored. The ministry is blessed with both American and Zambian staff who are passionate and hardworking, but the ministry needs strong senior leadership that can execute on the ministry’s goals and strategic plan.

The staff—both American and Zambian—are highly committed to the organization’s mission. The Dallas-based staff work primarily in the office, with presently up to two work-from-home days each week, although this policy is being revisited. When the staff is in the office, significant time is spent interacting with Zambian staff via Zoom, conducting various staff meetings, and making connections with sponsors, donors, and stakeholders. The office setting is relatively casual, and over the past few years, significant investment in the culture of the Dallas office and turnover in some key positions has greatly improved team camaraderie and cohesiveness. The environment is open, nurturing and fun, and there is true unity and a zealousness around the cause. The Zambian staff share this zealousness, though there are always cultural and communication considerations when working 10,000 miles apart.

The new CEO will face challenges that need to be resolved but that will also lead to some amazing opportunities. The ideal candidate will be a seasoned and humble servant leader who is resilient, business-savvy, ministry-focused, and will engender confidence in both staff and supporters. He or she will be galvanized, and will need to be perceptive, have good instincts, be willing and able to make tough calls, and above all, possess a deep and abiding relationship with Christ. He or she will also need to understand the needs of and engage regularly with the Zambian staff, which will require a commitment to regular visits there.

The CEO must be self-motivated and confident, but willing to listen to input from staff (both American and Zambian) who can provide valuable insights into cultural differences the ministry must navigate. He or she should demonstrate a willingness to serve staff, stakeholders, and vulnerable children by participating in multiple aspects of the ministry when needed. The CEO should be outgoing and highly relational in such a way that it is easy for him/her to forge new relationships with a wide range of people in relatively short periods of time. Being the main face and voice of the organization, the CEO needs to be comfortable in front of crowds and in one-on-one conversations and be able to communicate the shared mission and vision of the ministry with passion and ease, while also being an active part of fundraising. Further, an understanding and embracing of technology and data to improve the organization is important.


TITLE: Chief Executive Officer

REPORTS TO: Chairman of the Board and Board of Directors

DIRECT REPORTS: Chief Operations Officer, Country Director (Zambia), Chief Relationship Officer (Development), Vice President/Strategic Initiatives

LOCATION: Dallas, Texas


Family Legacy’s next Chief Executive Officer will represent FLMI in all matters related to the ministry’s mission, vision, strategy, and operations. The CEO will provide leadership to the ministry’s four pillars of care: Educational, Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional. He or she will (1) engage in public relations activities for the sake of increasing awareness and the creation of relationships in philanthropic, church/para-church ministries, governmental constituencies, etc.; (2) play an active role in fundraising while overseeing financial stewardship in all matters of ministry operations; and (3) lead the organization towards fulfilling its mission and vision through execution of its strategic plan.


  • Works across the organization to refine and define the Ministry’s near and long-term strategic plan.

  • Works to fulfill the ministry’s mission, vision, and values by executing a strategic plan.

  • Reports directly to the Board of Directors through the Board Chair and is the organization’s representative/spokesperson.

  • Evaluates strategy results and provides periodic reports to the Board.

  • Sets the annual budget and capital expenditures; obtains approval of such from the Board. Ensures budgets are adhered to through regular financial updates to the Board.

  • Provides leadership to the organization necessary for the effective functioning of the ministry.

  • Oversees the staff in the Dallas office, the Country Director in Zambia, and all remote support staff positions.

  • Assists with fundraising efforts by advocating for sponsorships and donations.

  • Works to significantly enhance the Ministry’s digital platform to assist the organization’s objectives.

  • Engages in public relations activities for the sake of increasing awareness of the ministry; fosters relationships in philanthropic circles, such as churches, para-church ministries, governmental entities, and other NGOs.

  • Oversees hiring of staff commensurate with ministry needs and strategic initiatives.

  • Shows a willingness and desire to travel to Zambia on a regular basis.

  • Oversees and is present for Camp Life and Graduation.

  • Travels to Zambia outside of Camp Life and Graduation, as needed, but a minimum of two (2) additional one-week trips per year.


  • Devoted follower of Jesus Christ and evidence of a genuine, personal relationship with Jesus.

  • Actively engaged in making disciples of Jesus, especially in relation to engaging American families and vulnerable children across the world in fulfillment of the Great Commission.

  • Submits to the authority of Scripture for all matters of life.

  • Meets the biblical and spiritual qualities for church leadership as defined in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

  • Active participation in a local church body.

  • Full agreement with Family Legacy’s Statement of Faith and Rules of Conduct.

  • Proven theological understanding obtained through formal education and/or personal Bible study.

  • Unquestionable integrity.


  • Bachelor’s degree in related field. Master’s degree preferred.

  • Minimum of ten (10) years of senior-level leadership experience, preferably in an international nonprofit ministry.

  • Demonstrated ability to work with a leadership team and staff members to grow an organization, as well as significant experience in an executive leadership position in a complex organization.

  • Proven, effective leadership experience (supervising supervisors) including experience working with a board of directors. Experience that combines business-world and ministry leadership would be ideal.

  • Proven project management skills, including ability to report on project status to key stakeholders throughout the process; ability to adhere to budget and deadlines by effectively managing available resources.

  • Demonstrated ability to execute multiple projects in a fast-paced, dynamic, collaborative, results-oriented environment.

  • Highly effective public speaker in front of small and large groups of diverse stakeholders; able to reach various audiences and succinctly communicate ideas.

  • Ability to develop an effective, collaborative team.

  • Cross-cultural awareness is required and experience in international ministry is preferred.

  • Experience in effective fundraising is required.

  • Accountability for outcomes; delegates appropriately.


  • Salary: Competitive and commensurate with scope and responsibilities.

  • Benefits: Medical, dental, vision, FSA and basic life and AD&D insurance. Optional STD and LTD. Worldwide travel assistance and insurance. Three percent (3%) of salary contributed to a 403(b) plan. Download the complete Benefits Guide here.

  • Holidays: [Insert whatever holidays are currently provided to the staff]

  • Vacation: twenty (20) days PTO and five (5) wellness days.

  • Location: Dallas, TX.

  • Relocation: Yes, negotiable.

  • Travel Expectations: Travel within US for speaking engagements and donor visits. Travel to Zambia each year for a minimum of six weeks for Camp Life (may include spouse/family) and for Graduation (7-10 days), plus 2-3 additional visits for staff engagement/encouragement (approx. one [1] week each).

For more information regarding the work of Family Legacy Ministries International, please visit their website at Audited financial statements and IRS Form 990s are available here.



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