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Principal Chair

C12 Christian Business Forums

Tulsa, Oklahoma




C12 Business Forums equip CEOs and owners to build great businesses for a greater purpose. For nearly three decades, C12’s singular focus has been to create a framework that gathers, compels, and equips Christian business leaders to achieve excellence through the power of peers. Today more than 4,000 C12 members in the US and around the world dig into challenges, seize opportunities, and develop strategic plans together. C12 is the largest provider of resources, coaching, and peer learning in a group format for Christian CEOs, having experienced a staggering 80% growth over the past five years.



C12 seeks a marketplace influencer with a vision to see the gospel transform their city. This business leader will serve as Principal Chair for the Tulsa, Oklahoma market. C12 Chairs lead and facilitate monthly Business Forums and coach CEOs and business owners in one-on-one sessions to help them build great businesses for a greater purpose. A Principal Chair is responsible for purchasing a C12 franchise, retaining equity ownership while serving and maximizing the market to its full stewardship potential.

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