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Chief Operating Officer

Tenpenny Health Restoration Centers

Cleveland, Ohio




Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is a leader in the field of both conventional and integrative medicine. Following the success of her Integrative Medical Center, Dr. Tenpenny is excited to launch a new venture, Tenpenny Health Restoration Centers.


In the rollout of the Health Restoration Centers, two centers have been launched as pilot locations: Ventura, CA, and Cleveland, OH. Both health and wellness centers are dedicated to the use of a technology named External Counter Pulsation (ECP). For individuals suffering from heart disease – and many other conditions that will be discussed later – Tenpenny Health Restoration Centers provides a proven, non-invasive approach as an option to expensive cardiac stents and open heart (CABG) surgery. Of note, ECP has been an FDA-approved, outpatient procedure since 1995.


THRC has received a first round of investment capital that will fund the initial phase of an expected 100+ clinic national rollout. The new COO will implement the roll out plan, which includes acquiring leased or purchased real estate or land for scaled build-out. States targeted for the first stage build-out are Ohio, California, Missouri, Texas, and Florida. Specific locations are yet to be determined. The Tenpenny Health Restoration Centers look forward to many years of substantial growth. We are making America healthier one city, and one hour, at a time.



Tenpenny Health Restoration Centers is seeking a Chief Operating Officer who has experience rolling out multiple locations, and multi-state facilities to ensure effective and rapid growth of the Company. The COO will work closely with and report directly to the CEO, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. This will include developing the overall strategy, overseeing real estate acquisitions, optimizing the C-Suite selections, managing the supply chain of the location build-outs, and guiding general operations of centers as they open for business. The COO will play a crucial role in overseeing company revenue expansion and daily operations of the business.

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