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Redeemer City to City (CTC) is a $12 million nonprofit organization that prayerfully recruits, trains, coaches and resources leaders who cultivate gospel movements in global cities primarily through church planting. CTC currently employs 48 staff members and is based in New York City but works in over 75 cities through its global network of regional affiliates and city networks. CTC’s core competencies are urban church planting, leadership development and content creation. All of this is done to help bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to cities.

CTC seeks a Senior Director of Training who will advise and resource field partners so that they will develop robust training programs and systems that serve a growing movement of church leaders. This strategic advisor will have the cross-cultural resourcefulness to convene and coach training catalysts so that they advance training in their regions. Reporting to the Senior Strategic Advisor of Global Strategic Services they will be a godly mentor who helps leaders build training systems and advance training in their regions.

About the Organization

The Need

The majority of the world’s population lives in cities, yet the population growth currently outpaces the growth of the church. Cities are centers of profound potential and significant challenges. For centuries people have migrated to cities, attracted by the promise of opportunity and freedom. This brings diverse people, religions and customs into close proximity, creating wonderful opportunities and considerable complexities, especially as we think about how to reach the people in these cities with the gospel.

The great complexity of cities means that no one church, denomination or organization can reach an entire city with the gospel. Instead, it takes a gospel movement—different people and churches uniting under a common mission to share the gospel in every language, to every culture, and applied to all the challenges of city life. It takes hearts committed to unity and a spirit of collaboration, equipped with specialized training and resources, to reach such a place.


CTC’s vision is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ transform lives and impact cities. As cities grow, CTC’s work is more crucial with each passing year. We prayerfully help leaders start and strengthen churches to advance the gospel together in their city.



Hub City Strategy 

The Hub City Strategy seeks to develop 60 cities toward a robust vision of deep impact in a long-term partnership with local leaders and affiliate partners through church multiplication, city-wide collaboration and city impact initiatives. A hub city also serves as a resource to other cities in their region so they can increase impact by resourcing, serving and coaching leaders in those connected cities.

Their Story

CTC was co-founded and is chaired by Tim Keller. After transitioning out of his position as senior pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Tim moved into a full-time role with CTC. He and CTC’s global leaders work together to invest in and pass along what they have learned to a new generation of ministry leaders. Through these endeavors, CTC helps build for and propel movements of the gospel in affiliate networks around the globe.

Redeemer City to City’s story began when pastor and seminary professor Tim Keller and his wife Kathy were persuaded by the church planting coordinator of the Presbyterian Church in America, Terry Gyger, to move with their children to Manhattan in 1989 to start Redeemer Presbyterian Church—now Redeemer Churches & Ministries (RCM).

In the early 1990s, leaders from around the world began to notice that secular New Yorkers were listening and responding to the gospel as it was contextualized for them. As momentum grew, Terry Gyger left his church in Boston to help Tim and RCM create a center for church planting. Terry recruited some of the most experienced church planters and missionaries he knew—Jay Kyle, Al Barth and Mark Reynolds—to start what is now called Redeemer City to City.

The receptivity and growth in New York City provided a training ground for work around the world. Through this work, God has allowed CTC to help church planters start more than 1,000 churches and train and impact more than 64,000 leaders. As we see God open doors, change lives and impact communities in one city, we have greater faith and expectancy for what he will accomplish in hundreds of others.

What They Do


We recruit, assess, train and resource leaders to start churches in cities.

The gospel moves through the city, and the cycle continues as others are called to lead in loving their city and seeing it renewed by the gospel.

As the Holy Spirit changes individuals and church communities, the city and its people flourish.

Once a church is launched, we provide further training and coaching to support sustainability, and we connect these churches to other churches and ministries.

We build new and support existing networks that start more churches and connect with other ministries, resulting in an ecosystem working together in their community.

We invest in developing networks and churches in cities like London, Johannesburg and Kuala Lumpur, empowering them to more significantly impact other cities in the region.


We don’t just teach leaders how to plant churches. We equip them with the skills, resources and connections they need to build sustainable gospel centered leaders and ministries who benefit their city by advancing the gospel, around the world. Supporters enabled CTC to equip leaders in the Asia Pacific to plant 44 churches in 2017 alone.


Position Profile

Title: Senior Director of Training

Classification: Full time/exempt

Reports to: Senior Strategic Advisor of Global Strategic Services

Direct Reports: None, but works in collaboration with 6-8 affiliate training directors 

Position Location: Remote

Position Summary

Advise and resource field partners so that they are developing robust training programs and systems that serve a growing movement of leaders shaped by our shared values. Convene and coach training catalysts so that they advance training in their regions. Contribute to the creation and implementation of training resources and programs

Position Responsibilities

1. Advise, spiritually encourage, and resource field partners (affiliate, sub-regional and hub city leaders) in developing training systems:

● Oversee and implement a roadmap (action plan) for developing the various elements of a training system in a region or city (what success looks like in each stage, trainer development, processes, tools, content, key roles); along with a dashboard that summarizes the elements for each stage of development 

● Implement a model of strategic planning for training with training catalysts from several regions 

● Utilize the training system evaluation tool with partners and provide guidance so they can strengthen their training

● Understand all training systems and be able to understand various differences and strengths across all regions

2. Convene and coach regional training catalysts so they learn from each other, build ongoing friendship, trust, and camaraderie. Create synergy in training methodology, enhance training programs, encourage content creation & sharing, and support trainer health. 

3. Develop the tools and processes needed to serve the development of training systems that are adapted for each region. Ensure tools accessible to operate, develop and evaluate a training system

4. Contribute to the creation and implementation of training resources and programs to serve the growing global training needs: 

● Ensure each region has a context appropriate program and system to develop and serve trainers  

● Maintain an accessible library of best examples of our core training programs for and from our partners. Add and improve as needed. 

● Provide feedback and coaching to training catalysts and trainers as needed for some regional intensives and other programs

● Enable leaders to develop a movement mentality in regard to developing training systems, continuously monitor and build buy-in for these systems

5. Discover, model, and share best ideas and practices in training, adult learning, training platforms with staff and field partners

Position Requirements

  1. 10+ years’ experience coaching and developing trainers from various urban global contexts

  2.  Experience creating and implementing training systems with international training practitioners 

  3. Has developed and delivered a large portfolio of non-formal training resources for leaders 

  4. 10+ years of church planting and/or cross-cultural experience 

  5. Experience with evolving training platforms and technology

  6. Practices and encourages principles of non-formal education

  7. Relevant degree in adult learning specialty or academic discipline; masters desirable, doctorate desirable. 

  8. Able to agree fully with the CTC Theological Core and Ethics Statement

Desired Characteristics 


● Active prayer life, godly discernment, servant leader and gospel shaped character 

● Seeks to embody the values of Redeemer City to City:

    ○ How the gospel is a dynamic that shapes our life and ministry

    ○ Holistic application of the gospel 

    ○ Movement minded


● A thorough understanding of contextualized church planting 

● Commitment to the development of local/national leadership

● Ability to travel well internationally (60 Days of international travel a year) 

Chemistry with Culture:

• Must be familiar with urban areas and preferably have lived in a major world city; city- focused 

• Comfortable with ambiguity and complexity; can work in a self-directed environment.

Compensation Package:

Salary: A competitive annual salary will be awarded based upon experience and credentials. Further details will be discussed in a personal interview. 

Other benefits:

• 403 (B) with employer contribution

• Disability insurance

• Health insurance

• Dental Insurance

• Vision coverage

• Life insurance

• Paid time off

Opportunities and Challenges


Because of the maturing CTC movement the next Sr. Director of Training will have to go beyond a competency in training. They will need to be a system builder and advisor. Will need to be able to help regions mature their training systems, evaluate and assess needs, strategize to build next level of health. They will need to decentralize training health beyond a region to a city.


The ideal candidate will need to earn respect as an advisor when not in control but need to gain respect by relational influence in a growing, dynamic, global network of leaders that have various needs and contextual issues. This will move beyond pushing a centralized program or curriculum and pivot to helping global leaders with what they are building.

If, after prayerfully reviewing this information, you believe this role fits you well, or if you know someone you would like to recommend, please contact:

Dr. Rich Kidd



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