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Missions Door—which will be celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2023—is a missionary-sending and supporting organization that appoints missionaries to evangelize, disciple and congregationalize the lost, and creates reproducing ministries to do the same. Working in twenty-one countries and on college campuses across the United States and Mexico, their mission is to build healthy and empowering networks of reproducing churches and ministries that reach and disciple people for Christ. Their vision? To see an unstoppable force of compassionate and culturally-authentic Christ communities multiplying in neighborhoods across our country and around the world.


Its new President will lead the organization into its mission-focused future by stewarding and communicating the organization’s vision and mission, building and leading its leadership team, developing workable strategies to accomplish mutually-agreed upon goals, and discovering adequate resources (both financial and personnel) to secure its future and accomplish the vision and mission.


On May 22, 1948, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Missions Door was birthed (as the Conservative Baptist Home Mission Society) for the purpose of preaching the Gospel and planting churches across the United States and the North American continent. The first missionaries—Robert and Winifred Johnson—were appointed in October 1948 for ministry in Alaska. In addition to Alaska, early ministries were launched among Jewish people, Native Americans, Chinese and Hispanics in the United States. Soon missionaries were sent to Honduras, Mexico, Costa Rica and French Canada.


U.S. ministries were developed to focus upon suburban and rural church planting, ministry among Mormons in Utah, urban ministry in major cities across the country, and campus ministry among students at secular colleges and universities. Later, campus ministry expanded to internationals, effectively reaching students from around the world, many from nations where missionaries were restricted.


The name of the Mission was changed to Mission to the Americas in 1994. By this time, ministry had been launched in Belize, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic. In the 1990s the Mission began to facilitate partnership connections between U.S. churches and sister churches in Latin America and Cambodia. In 1996, ministry was initiated in El Salvador and Nicaragua, and soon after in Haiti.


In addition to expansion, the missionary family began to significantly grow in ethnic diversity with over thirty percent of the missionaries being non-Anglo by the year 2000. African-Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans were added to the missionary family. Immigrants from Brazil, Cambodia, China, Cuba, Liberia and the Philippines were also appointed as missionaries to reach immigrant communities in the U.S. In their international ministries outside of the U.S., God raised up missionaries who were Belizeans, Dominicans, Haitians, Hondurans, Guatemalans, Mexicans and Quebecois. The Mission had become international, not just in its ministry focus but in the composition of its missionary family.


Originally headquartered in the Chicago area, in 2001 the Mission relocated to Denver, Colorado. Ministry among immigrants in the U.S. resulted in the development of ministry back to home countries in Asia and Africa in places like Cambodia, China, Kenya, and Liberia. To reflect this new reality, the name of the Mission was changed to Missions Door in 2007.


Now in their eighth decade of ministry, Missions Door is committed to the task of building healthy and empowering networks of reproducing churches and ministries that reach and disciple people for Christ. Much has changed in our world since 1948, but the need for forgiveness and new life in Jesus Christ is greater than ever. Missions Door wants to make a difference in our world for Christ and His Kingdom, envisioning an unstoppable force of compassionate and culturally-authentic Christ communities multiplying in neighborhoods across our country and around the world.


Gospel Reconciliation

We believe the Good News of Jesus Christ changes everything, transforming our relationships with both God and others. Therefore we minister holistically, extending His forgiveness, healing, restoration and justice to individuals, communities and systems. (2 Corinthians 5:18-21; Colossians 1:20-22)


Multiethnic Focus

We believe God is at work in all cultures, and each one brings unique perspectives and strengths to the body of Christ. Therefore we value the hard work of dismantling barriers that keep people apart and are committed to inviting people from all cultures into community and leadership. (Galatians 3:27-28; Ephesians 2:13-19)


Contextually-Rooted Ministry

We believe our leaders should have the freedom to implement our shared mission in ways that are appropriate to their context and culture. They see opportunities, have strategic contacts, and impact the surrounding culture in a way that outsiders cannot. (Acts 1:8; 1 Peter 4:10)


Servant Leadership

We believe the role of our leaders is to ensure the flourishing of those around them. We value leaders who sacrifice their own ambition, demonstrate humility, model integrity, and seek healthy collaboration. (Matthew 20:25-28; John 13:12-17)


Now headquartered in Englewood, Colorado (a suburb of Denver), Missions Door is a $10 million organization with a six-member leadership team and six office staff serving a missionary force of 166 (296 including spouses) in 21 countries, concentrated in North America, but also in South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Of the $10 million, just over $1.5 million represents the General Operating Fund. Approximately $1.15 million of this comes from the Care & Service percentage from missionary income, and the remainder from estates and investment income.


The ministry is governed by a 9-member Board of Directors using a modified Carver model, and is led by current (and retiring) president, Rick Miller. Rick has served in this role since 1995, and is only the third president in the Mission’s 74-year history. His leadership team is comprised of John Benza, Vice President of Partner Relationships; Aaron Palmatier, Vice President of Ministries; Bob Lehman, Vice President of Missionary Mobilization & Care; Rigo Reyes, Director of International Ministries; and Ryan Miller, Director of Campus Ministries.


John Benza | Vice President of Partner Relationships

John spent nearly 20 years with IBM, which provided strong technical, project management, marketing and executive experiences that make up the core disciplines of his technical, analytical, and leadership transferable skills. He also completed the IBM Management Institute executive training program operated by the Harvard School of Business.


He has now been serving in the nonprofit sector for 22 years; first as Director of Administration at a large church and K-8 school in California, and then as VP, Finance & Administration for Missions Door’s sister organization, WorldVenture in the Denver area before joining Missions Door two years ago. He is currently overseeing the migration to Salesforce for the organization in addition to his ongoing role as leading the development and oversight of a comprehensive strategy for the overall funding of Missions Door. He and his wife, Debbie, reside in Aptos, California, just outside of Santa Cruz.


Aaron Palmatier | Vice President of Ministries

Aaron began his ministry serving with InterVarsity, both while in college and after graduation. He was then called to the pastorate at Central Baptist Church, first as Youth Pastor and then Associate Pastor, and completed a Masters of Divinity at Golden Gate Seminary. He was then called to serve as a missionary with CBHMS (now Missions Door), and moved to Mexico as a church planter. During their time in Mexico, he completed a Doctorate of Missiology from Western Seminary, and he and his wife adopted two children from an orphanage there.


His role with Missions Door continued to increase and, after seven years they moved back to the USA to assume the position of Ministry Director for the organization. He now serves as Vice President of Ministries, providing overall leadership and general oversight in the development of new and existing mission ministries across North America and the world. He and Nancy live in the Phoenix, AZ area.


Bob Lehman | Vice President of Missionary Mobilization & Care

Bob and his wife, Janet were originally appointed as Campus Ambassadors (for CBHMS) in 1975 at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. After serving there for nine years, the Lehmans transferred from campus ministry to church planting, still staying under the Mission but moving to Phoenix, Arizona, to start a new church. After bringing the church to self-support, Bob resigned from the Mission in 1988 and continued to serve as the pastor of the church. Six years later, Bob was reappointed by the Mission to serve in the role of New Church Specialist for the Southwest. In 2001, Bob’s territory was expanded to include national oversight of their new church ministry category, now known as Harvest America.


Bob served in this Ministry Director role through 2011, and as a new-church consultant until leaving the Mission in 2013, once again to pastor the new church he had planted under the Mission. In October 2018, they were again reappointed by Missions Door to launch Mission Recharge. Still residing in the Phoenix area, he provides personal coaching and heart care for missionaries to help them survive and thrive in their marriages and ministries.


Rigo Reyes | Director of International Ministries

Rigo was first appointed for ministry in Nicaragua in 2001 and immediately left for the field, depending solely on his wife, Claudia’s income until their support could be raised. Since their appointment, many have come to know the Lord, leaders have been developed, and effective cell groups, children’s and prison ministries have been started.


He continues to plant chains of new churches using the extension principles of II Timothy 2:2: “And the things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, these entrust to faithful men who will, in turn, be able to teach others also.” Rigo was named the Central America Ministry Director in August 2011, and in June 2020 became Director of International Ministries, expanding his areas of oversight to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, Europe and Asia. He is currently living in the Pacific Northwest.


Ryan Miller | Director of Campus Ministries

During college, Ryan explored many areas of ministry including music, youth and creative programming, but nothing fit him as well as working on a college campus. He was appointed by Missions Door in June 2001 to work at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri, and served there through 2004. While there, he helped lead the ministry through a transition from a small inwardly-focused ministry to a growing evangelistic ministry that had a significant impact on the campus community.


In September 2004, Ryan moved to Tucson, Arizona, to launch a campus church called Damascus Road. He and his wife Megan serve as Co-Pastors. He also serves as the Director of Campus Ministries for Missions Door, and provides leadership, vision, training, and care for the over 20 campuses where Missions Door ministers in the United States and Mexico. His passion is helping ministers and ministries flourish and developing dynamic communities of faith on college campuses. Ryan has a B.A. in English from Truman State University and an M.Div. in Leadership Development from Phoenix Seminary.


Missions Door works through its 250+ missionaries and spouses who serve in twenty-one countries and on campuses and in cities across North America. They provide the “hands and feet” of the sustaining work and witness of the organization as Gospel messengers, both locally and globally. While current ministry areas are quite diverse, moving forward the organization will focus on these three areas:


CAMPUS—Creating communities of Jesus followers

Campus Ambassadors minister on campuses across the United States and Mexico to create communities through which students are transformed by the power of Jesus Christ, relating them to local churches and training them as servant leaders for Christ and His kingdom. The focus also includes planting campus churches and ministries to international students.


USA & CANADA—Pioneering ministry and birthing new churches in major cities and beyond

Missions Door’s work across the USA and Canada is very diverse. The scope includes ministry to Mormons, the homeless, those afflicted with AIDS, and much more. However, the ministry’s focus is centered on the three areas where they believe they are most effective: Immigrant Church Planting, Native American Ministry, and Recovery Ministry. The key to their success is that all of these ministries are led by indigenous leaders. In other words, the Native American church planters are Native Americans, the Recovery Team are all ex-addicts, and the Immigrant church planters are originally from the various counties of the people they are trying to reach.


INTERNATIONAL—Developing church planting movements and mobilizing ministry in more than 20 countries

International ministries focus on church planting, leadership development, evangelism, discipleship, economic development and compassion ministries. Missions Door ministers in both rural areas and urban centers, and they strongly believe the best church planters are those indigenous to the country where they serve.


Missions Door is known for the quality and diversity of their missionary family, especially regarding their work with indigenous leadership. They also have demonstrated the flexibility and freedom to serve without a cookie-cutter approach, and have developed a great sense of “family” and personalized service.


The organization has just been through a significant review of operations, strategic planning process, and reorganization, the results of which are proving to be very positive, especially in the development of ministry teams across the various fields. However, the support team in the Denver office is stretched thin by understaffing (because of some key departures), and by the implementation of significant changes in upgrading the technology used for maintaining personnel and financial data.


So what are their biggest needs today? First, they need a season of stability and growth after a period of dramatic organizational change, even amid the change to a new president. They must significantly improve their recruitment of younger missionaries to replace an aging missionary force. And they need to develop an increased effectiveness in funding, especially for international missionaries who aren't U.S. citizens and also for ethnic and minority missionaries working here in the U.S.


The new President will ultimately be responsible for the stewardship and communication of the Mission's vision and mission, building and leading the leadership team, developing workable strategies to accomplish mutually-agreed upon goals, and discovering the resources needed (both financial and personnel) to accomplish the vision and mission. The job is multifaceted and can more easily be accomplished by a generalist who has a blended personality and leadership style. A people-person who can also be strategic and make difficult decisions. A collaborative leader who is not afraid to ask for input but is also not afraid to make decisions.


Terms like servant-leader, strategic, team developer, winsome and passionate about Jesus will describe this person. They will come to the organization with a credible ministry track record, bringing both confidence and humility, and demonstrating a learner's posture. This is a rare opportunity to lead a proven ministry that is on solid financial footing and has already taken appropriate steps to prepare for its future.


TITLE: President


REPORTS TO: Board of Directors

DIRECT REPORTS: Vice President of Partner Relations, Vice President of Ministries, Vice President of Missionary Mobilization & Care, Vice President of Finance & Operations, Office Administrator





Shepherding the Vision

Though our vision is not the product of only one person, it is the special responsibility of top leadership to consistently communicate, clarify, guard and reinforce the compelling ministry vision. Our vision is born out of the unique callings of our missionaries, but if vision is to become reality—going beyond merely dreams or wishful thinking—it must be clearly seen and shared by stakeholders, leadership, the missionary family, and our supporting constituency so that they "catch the vision" and do their part to translate it into reality.


Building a Team

Building and leading a leadership team, support staff, and ministry leaders whose expertise and partnership are essential for the realization of the ministry vision. The team includes the Strategic And Leadership Team (SALT), the Executive Leadership Team, the regional ministry team leaders, and the support staff in the Denver office. The Board of Directors is also important in this team development responsibility. Though the President is accountable to the Board, developing a healthy working relationship and partnership with the Board is also imperative.


Developing a Strategy

Making sure that appropriate overall goals and strategies are in place for the team to translate vision into reality. The emerging strategy needs to flow out of the organizational mission statement and be compatible with the ministry commitments and core values of the mission. Beyond the principles of good missiology and the guidance of established commitments and values, good strategy is largely determined pragmatically—does it work? Does this plan effectively move us in the direction we have agreed we need to go?


Discovering Adequate Resources

A compelling vision, embraced by a competent team, employing an appropriate strategy must also be resourced. Resourcing for the accomplishment of the vision includes the employment of training opportunities, tools to increase effectiveness and efficiency, and timely counsel, encouragement, and supervision. Funding is an essential element that must be considered and evaluated on a regular basis. Raising up friends and funds for the ministry of the mission is of primary importance and requires the specific attention of the President.



  • Represent Missions Door as its spiritual leader, public ambassador and organizational leader.

  • Provide spiritual leadership and model a daily spiritual walk that is characterized by reliance on God, grace and strength in the face of adversity, and reliance on a community of faith.

  • Develop and partner with the Board of Directors to provide direction, resources, and accountability to the organization. (Note: The President is not a board member)

  • Oversee all activities and business operations needed to produce the desired short-term and long-term results outlined in the organizational strategy.

  • Initiate and maintain consistent, clear and creative communication with staff, board, USA-based and international missionaries and supporters.

  • Ensure that clear and fully transparent financial and non-financial reporting is provided to the board of directors and key stakeholders.

  • Maintain current working knowledge of both the missions world and the evangelical community in the USA.

  • Enforce adherence to organizational policy and legal guidelines to maintain the organization’s legal standing and commitment to ethics.


  • A vibrant and growing relationship with Jesus Christ and full agreement with Missions Door’s Doctrinal Statement.

  • A Master's degree or equivalent. Theological training a plus.

  • At least ten (10) years of senior leadership-level experience. Experience in a global nonprofit ministry preferred.

  • International and multi-cultural experience. The ability to speak conversational Spanish preferred.

  • Demonstrated leadership and vision in managing staff.

  • A working knowledge of the U.S. church.

  • Proven ability to grow an organization.

  • Proven understanding and successful implementation of fundraising “best practices.”

  • Budget development and oversight experience, and full P&L responsibility.

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

  • Teachable, a lifelong learner.

  • Proven interpersonal skills and a collaborative management style.


  • Salary: $135-150,000 commensurate with location and experience.

  • Benefits: Health insurance, dental, vision, life insurance ($50,000), AD&D, HSA, and FSA, 403(b).

  • Vacation: 31 days of PTO annually, 11 paid holidays.

  • Location: Negotiable. If relocation is agreed, it will be fully covered by Missions Door.

  • Travel: Thirty percent (30%), perhaps more at first.

The learn more about the work of Missions Door, please visit their website at or view their most recent Annual Report. To view a current Org Chart, click here.


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