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Woodside Bible Church meets in fourteen (14) physical campuses, joined by thousands of online worshippers in a body that has gathered since 1955 for one reason... to glorify God by making disciples. That purpose can only be fulfilled when they proclaim to the world that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Everything they do hinges on this mission as they create a disciple-making movement from Southeast Michigan to the ends of the earth. 

Central to that disciple-making movement are small gatherings called Life Groups. As the pandemic isolated congregants in their homes it was Life Group leaders that kept people connected, checked on the elderly, and prayed with the sick. Woodside Bible now seeks a Pastor to lead over 436 missional communities into greater frutifulness and faithfulness. Reporting to the Sr. Executive Pastor of Campuses, this role will take the lead in the development and implementation of the Life Groups model at Woodside Bible Church. 

Over the next five years the Pastor of Life Groups will have opportunity to lead Woodside from a church with groups to a church of groups. In this amazing disciple-making movement, currently supported by an $18.5 million budget, they hope in that time to see 75% of the congregation become involved in Life Groups. The right candidates will long to see missional communities of spiritual families growing as disciples and reaching their neighbors with the gospel. 

Woodside Church at a Glance

Purpose: We exist to glorify God by making disciples

Mission: Helping people belong to Christ, grow in Christ and reach the world for Christ


  • We are Family

  • Work Hard, Play hard

  • Live to Serve

  • Radical Compassion for People

  • Live Courageously

  • Multiply Leaders

  • Be Generous


To follow God's direction into communities as He strengthens the Church by transforming lives through the Gospel. 

2020 Highlights:

  1. 354 baptisms

  2. 767 new members

  3. 39,075 online viewers of the 2020 Easter service

  4. 2,000 kids attended kids camp

  5. 28,000 meals given out in the community serving 3,000 families through the Dream Center

  6. 2,000 global leaders trained and 1,500 church plants established

  7. $337,127 gifted to the Critical Needs Fund for COVID-19 relief

And More, to the Glory of God!

Life Groups Ministry

Vision: To shape a culture where every person values and prioritizes Christian community through the context of Life Groups 

  • 6608 people in groups

  • 436 total groups

  • 130 new groups in 2020

SEASONAL EMPHASIS : Life Groups will continue to meet in a virtual setting in order for the following factors to continue :

  • BELONG {spiritual family that offers a loving community INward with one another}

  • GROW {disciples that strengthens their love UPward with the Father}

  • REACH {missionaries that demonstrate their love OUTward to the world in order to multiply}

DEFINITION OF A DISCIPLE | Someone who is learning to be like Jesus in who they are and how they live.

DEFINITION OF A LIFE GROUP | A group of people committed to belonging as spiritual family, reaching their neighbors and networks with the gospel.

 Key Metrics

  • Leaders: Applications, training partcipation/completion, number of leaders

  • Groups: Life Group health, number of Life Groups, basic demographics

  • Participants: Number of participants, qualitative growth (i.e. UP/IN/OUT being realized effectively with OUT being external to the Life Group/church itself), attendance

  • Church Growth: As engagement in Life Groups increases, it is worthwhile to keep track of the trends between Life Group vitals and overall quantitative growth within the church as a whole

Woodside Life Group Categories:

A campus can select to do all married/single groups or may not have enough volume to see all of the categories realized, however, the Woodside framework (promoVonal materials, operaVonal filters, such as website GROUPS Finder, etc.) will include the following:

  • Men’s

  • Women’s

  • Married/Single

  • Married

  • Young Adults

Opportunities and Challenges


  1.  Senior Pastor Chris Brooks and the leadership community have established three strategic priorities for 2021, worship gatherings, Life Groups, and "Woodside Cares." The new Pastor of Groups will give leadership to a key focus area in the church's ministry. 

  2. The senior leadership aim to see a culture shift at Woodside to make the church "with groups" into a church "of groups." They hope to see 50% of the church family engaged in Life Groups over the next year, where Life Groups are holistic missional communities that involve "Up/In/Out" dynamics for a multi-generational spiritual family. This will involve moving from the Sunday morning anchoring experience to a Life Group anchoring experience paradigm. 

  3. HUB Support:  Four larger Woodside campuses have been designated as a "Hub Campus" to provide general resourcing and equipping for Life Group campus leadership and/or point person(s). This includes support as needed with resources, training, support and direction. The Hub Director is responsible for leading out collaboration with the Hub Team and represent the Hub to the central team.


  1.  In a large church like Woodside, there are many varieties of groups and even different definitions of what a group is. Taking the vision for Life Groups espoused by Pastors Chris Brooks and Steve Zarilli and making sure the entire organization is aligned will take focus, diligence and patience.  Work together with senior leadership to achieve a Life Group culture of Up / In / Out that permeates ministry program decisions, sermon writing and staff culture.

  2. Move forward in the ministry metrics within Life Groups despite COVID-19 restrictions through a combination of digital and in-person groups.   

  3. Over the next five (5) years see 75% of average WBC weekend  attendance participating in Life Groups, as well as 95% of members actively participating in Life Groups. 

Position Description

Job Summary: 

The role exists to (1) serve as the direct report for central ministry staff positions as determined by the SEPC and (2) to lead out the development and implementation of the Life Groups model of Woodside Bible Church in partnership with the SEPC. The Pastor or Director of Life Groups will have a firm grasp on the mission, values and commitments of the church and the ability to align staff leadership and core ministries with the vitals determined to ensure the vision is being realized.

Reports to: Senior Executive Pastor of Campuses (SEPC)

Direct Reports: Administrative Assistant

Works closely with: Life Group core ministry HUB team


  • Generally, this role is meant to work with the SEPC to build and lead a movement of Life Groups across all campuses.

  • Serves as the core ministry team lead for Life Groups and is responsible for ministry resourcing and innovation, DNA oversight, ministry alignment and realizing multi-campus initiatives.

  • Works with the SEPC, Campus Pastors and Woodside leadership to build and establish a unified vision for Life Groups across all locations that equips and empowers the members and attendees of Woodside to (1) engage in the all commitments of Woodside, (2) embrace a lifestyle oriented around the ways of Jesus (up/in/out) and (3) functions as the primary vehicle for decentralized discipleship, spiritual family and missional engagement.

  • Responsible for researching/networking with other churches around best practices for Life Groups, attending relevant conferences and workshops as directed and representing Woodside to the broader Christian community for the purpose of collaboration and support.

  • Leads a multiplying Life Group.

  • Participates in all assigned core ministry team meetings.

  • Helps identify new systems and works with any existing systems and staff to assure all relevant vitals and metrics are tracked and reported through the Life Group ministry teams and campuses as communicated by the SEPC.

  • Communicates as needed with Campus Pastors regarding the job performance of Life Group core ministry staff at the hub campuses (currently the Lake Orion, Romeo, Royal Oak and Troy campuses).

  • Works in collaboration with the SEPC and other key staff to establish, refine and execute vision, identify objectives and align the Life Group ministries across the movement (vocabulary, vitals, DNA).

  • Attends and actively participates in executive leadership meetings, Campus Pastor meetings and Hub Campus Pastor meetings as requested to build and maintain the clear flow of communication and feedback loops.


Experience Qualifications:

  • Must meet the qualifications stated in the Woodside bylaws focused on the character and competencies of church leadership.

  • At least 5 years of relevant experience in ministry leadership within a for profit, not-for-profit, or church environment with direct management.

  • At least 5 years of experience leading and multiplying groups of disciples of Jesus into the vision of a decentralized community on mission for the gospel.

  • Extensive theological and practical knowledge of small group/missional community ministry models as well as a strong grasp on overall discipleship paradigms within churches.

  • Required bachelor's degree. An earned master’s degree from an accredited seminary is preferred.

  • Reputation of a servant-leader that demonstrates humility.

  • Demonstrates a vibrant and growing relationship with Christ through a commitment to life in community, personal spiritual disciplines, balance between work and family life and the ability to calibrate encouragement and challenge in interpersonal relationships.

  • Able to communicate a clear calling to vocational ministry and specifically the role of spiritual care and discipleship multiplication.

Character Qualifications:

  • Integrity/Ethics: Deals with others in a straightforward and honest manner, is accountable for actions, maintains confidentiality, supports biblical values, conveys good news and bad.

  • Models Healthy Rhythms: (1) Up Rhythms: pursues personal devotion with the Lord; (2) In Rhythms: makes time with other believers a priority, orients life around a spiritual family on mission, leads and multiplies Life groups; prioritizes relationships with their spouse and children (if applicable); (3) Out Rhythms: identifies persons of peace, has a passion to reach their neighbors and networks with the gospel.

  • Patience:Demonstrates patience, deals well with others in trying situations, maintains calm and composure in trying situations, treats others with kindness and consideration despite difficulties.

  • Servant Leadership: Follows Jesus' model of servant leadership, elevates others' needs above their own, demonstrates humility.


  • Accepting Direction: Accepts and follows directions from others; respects authority; complies with requests; does what they are asked to do.

  • Building and Supporting Teams: Shows enthusiasm toward being a member of the group; actively participates in team meetings and activities; leverages the skills and interests of coworkers to achieve goals and solve problems; supports team decisions; a strong collaborator.

  • Creativity/Innovation:Generates new ideas, challenges the status quo, takes risks, supports change, encourages innovation, solves problems creatively.

  • Critical Thinking: Skilled at finding logical flaws in arguments and plans; identifies problems and solutions that others might miss; provides detailed insight and constructive criticism into problems and complex situations.

  • Demonstrating Initiative: Takes action on his/her own without being prompted; handles problems independently; able to resolve issues without relying on extensive help from others; does more than is expected or asked.

  • Interpersonal Skills: Has good listening skills, builds strong relationships, is flexible/open-minded, negotiates effectively, solicits performance feedback and handles constructive criticism.

  • Multiplication: Ability to make disciples of Jesus; trains others to do what you do.

  • Project Management: Establishes project goals, milestones, and procedures, defines roles and responsibilities, acquires project resources, monitors project progress, manages multiple projects.

  • Resolving Conflict: Builds consensus across individuals with different viewpoints; helps people find common goals and interests; finds mutually agreeable solutions to problems; addresses conflicts so they do not escalate into more major problems.

  • Setting a Strategic Vision: Helps identify and articulate the strategic goals and direction of the church; establishes connections between short term goals and long-term objectives and directions.

About the Troy, Michigan Area

Troy, Michigan is located at the heart of Metropolitan Detroit's northern suburbs. The City’s estimated 2019 population is 85,755, making it the largest city in Oakland County. Troy is home to a wide range of businesses - from small family run operations to Fortune 500 companies. The diverse international community is home to strong neighborhoods, top ranked schools, low property tax rates, and outstanding city services. In 2019, Troy was ranked as the Safest Michigan City and in the top 25 overall Safest City in the United States. NerdWallet named Troy the 4th best small city in the U.S. to start a business (2015), and the #6 city in the nation for retired people according to the US Chamber of commerce. A typical family home in Troy will average $345,000 and home values have been rising over the last five years. 


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