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Virginia Beach, Virginia



Spring Branch Community Church in Virginia Beach opens its doors to people from all backgrounds, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey. Whether someone is a spiritual seeker who is beginning to ask questions about God, or a committed Christian desiring to deepen the roots of their faith, each can find a home at Spring Branch.

The church hosts a worship experience in person and online each Sunday at 10 am currently welcoming around 800 people.  Spring Branch employs six full time staff and six part time staff with an annual budget of approximately $2M.

Spring Branch seeks an organized Executive Pastor of Ministries to oversee the church’s ministries and to lead and direct the staff. Reporting to the Lead Pastor, the Executive Pastor will set goals for staff to accomplish the church's mission and vision. The Executive Pastor primary goals will be to support, coach, and assess staff, implement processes to optimize operational capabilities, strive to expand and unify the church, and manage resources effectively. The Executive Pastor of Ministries will ensure members of different ages and from diverse backgrounds are served effectively.


A small group of people felt called by the Lord to start a church specifically to reach those far from God in the Virginia Beach area. On May 23, 1993, the first Spring Branch service was held at the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia with more than 135 attendees. Within a year, attendance doubled and Spring Branch launched new ministries, impacting all generations. From 1994 to 1998, weekly attendance grew to over 500 and services were moved to Corporate Landing Middle School. The dream of having permanent facilities began in 1996. This effort led to the purchase of nearly 10 acres of the Godfrey-Ray Farm on Great Neck Road, where the church facility is now located.



We are a community of Christ followers sharing the love of Jesus with all people in our city and our world.


  • Jesus-centered: From children’s to adult ministry, we strive to keep Jesus central to everything we do Because His power alone changes lives. Since we are made by Him and for Him, we do everything for His glory alone. When our guests leave on a Sunday, we hope they are more committed to seeking Christ first in every facet of life.

  • People-focused: We know the most effective discipleship takes places in the context of relationships. Because of that, we want people to belong long      before they need to believe or behave a certain way. When people experience community at Spring Branch, they will be known, loved, and empowered to live out their faith in daily life.

  • Mission-driven: We are committed to making Jesus’ mission our mission: to seek and save the lost. Radically generous with our time, treasure, and talent, we are willing to do whatever it takes to bring Gospel renewal to our neighborhood, our city, and our world.

  • Future-minded: We are a multigenerational church who takes the responsibility of investing in the future of the church seriously. Leveraging creativity and the latest technology, we want to reach the next generation with the Gospel, root them in the Word, and release them for kingdom impact.


Spring Branch subscribes to an orthodox view of biblical Christianity. These are the foundational core beliefs that undergird all we do:

  • The Bible: The foundation for our faith is the Bible. The sixty-six books were inspired by God through human writers, are error free, and stand as the final authority for life spiritually, physically, emotionally and relationally. Scripture, at one and the same time, speaks with the authority of God and reflects the backgrounds, styles, and vocabularies of the writers.

  • God: The Bible teaches that there is one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son (Jesus Christ) and Holy Spirit. These three exist in unity with different roles, yet full equality.

  • Mankind and Sin: God created the universe and gave mankind a unique place of relationship with Him. However, by exercising free will, the first man and woman chose to live outside of God’s order. This choice resulted in spiritual separation from Him (death), relationship breakdowns, and the struggle for survival. The Bible refers to those attitudes and actions that move men and women away from God as sin. As a result of sin, God planned to act in history to restore that original intent of relationship with His creation. This dramatic plan unfolded and culminated in God’s entrance into the world as Jesus Christ.

  • Jesus Christ: Jesus Christ was born of the Virgin Mary, lived a sinless life and died to bridge the gap of human sin. God reaches out to humanity through Christ. All who receive Him as Savior, by willfully opening their minds and hearts to Him, receive forgiveness and eternal life. The Bible calls this salvation. The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ is the focal point of the Christian faith. The resurrection is supported by eyewitness testimony in the New Testament. This preeminent event is proved by a process of legal evidence and is the historical statement of God’s sovereignty over life and death.

  • Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit plays several key roles in the lives of human beings. The Spirit draws the mind to consider God as the Originator of life and helps people to understand the Scriptures. The Spirit of God also reveals the impact of sin, which paves the way for confession and forgiveness. Finally, the Holy Spirit superintends the growth of Christians toward maturity in Christ. The indwelling Spirit isn’t a feeling but rather a reality of faith.

  • The Church: The Church is all those who place their faith in Jesus Christ and affirm the traditional teachings of Christianity. Christian churches are communities formed for worship, education, fellowship, service, and communicating the gospel. Baptism and communion have been observed as symbols of faith in Christ for twenty centuries.

Learn more about the ministries of Spring Branch Community Church HERE.


Spring Branch is elder governed, staff led, and congregation empowered. The church is led by Heath Krueger as Lead Pastor, who is a voting member of the Elder board. There are currently six staff on the management team, and 12 staff total. The Executive Pastor of Ministries will lead the paid and volunteer staff and be a nonvoting member of the elder board.

Spring Branch believes women are called to use their gifts at every level of church leadership. With two women currently serving on the Elder team and one serving as a Pastor, they aim to become a place where all women are equipped and empowered to fully exercise their gifts in the life, ministry, mission, and offices of the church.



  • Ministries to children and students provide a teaching environment of strength and quality even more significant in connecting growing families with Spring Branch. Spring Branch is passionate about families and ensuring that Christ-centered faith is formed in partnership between church and home. They "think Orange" and apply this philosophy, curriculum, and approach to family ministry leadership in practical ways throughout its children's and student ministries.

  • Spring Branch is blessed with many strong and mature lay leaders who give energy and direction to many ministries in the church. Those include men’s and women’s ministry, as well as small groups, which provide a context for growth, community, prayer and encouragement. The person who assumes the Executive Pastor role will find that leading mature leaders and giving structure to service will be a rewarding endeavor.

  • Lead Pastor Heath Krueger has vision and passion to lead the church and care for the congregation. His leadership style is collaborative and empowering and he will welcome a strong number two who integrates vision into strategy and gives accountability to staff and lay leaders to accomplish ministry goals.


There are currently two primary challenges the next Executive Pastor will be asked to address.

  • Though the Legacy Campaign significantly reduced the debt service on the mortgage , there is still work to do. The next Executive Pastor will give leadership to future capital campaigns.

  • A long-time Student Pastor has felt called to a new opportunity. The new Executive Pastor would have the chance to assist in the hiring process for the next Student Pastor.


Title: Executive Pastor of Ministries

Classification: Full time/exempt, 40 hours per week

Reports To: Lead Pastor

Direct Reports: 

Position Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Spring Branch seeks an organized, exemplary Executive Pastor to oversee our church’s ministries and to lead and direct our staff. The Executive Pastor will set goals for staff to accomplish the church's mission and vision. Executive Pastor will support, coach, and assess staff, implement processes to optimize operational capabilities, strive to expand and unify the church, and manage resources effectively. Executive Pastor will ensure members of different ages and from diverse backgrounds are served effectively.

The Executive Pastor must be a capable leader, spiritually mature, and organized. Success in this position will be measured through the performance of a wide range of duties in a way that embodies this leader’s spiritual condition and beliefs.


Strategic-Level Administration Responsibilities:

  • Report to and support direction of Lead Pastor

  • Collaborate with the Lead Pastor and Executive Director of Operations in the formulation and execution of human resource, budget and policy actions and      responsibilities

  • Advise Elder Board on relevant issues, with a focus as an advocate for assigned ministries

Ministry-Level Leadership Responsibilities:

  • Lead key church ministries: Children’s Ministry, Student Ministry, and Adult Ministries and Global/Mission Outreach

  • Facilitate annual strategic planning process to establish core ministry vision and goals, along with expected actions to accomplish them

  • Keep assigned ministries focused upon the core values of the church, with the emphasis on discipling adults toward greater spiritual development and community

  • Continually measure and assess key metrics of effectiveness within and across assigned ministries

Interpersonal-Level Development Responsibilities:

  • Lead, oversee, and develop ministry staff (individually and as a team)

  • Ensure, effective, participative, and productive recruitment, training, and development of volunteer leaders and volunteer staff

  • Interact and participate in full breadth of church’s worship ministries

  • Develop strategy and actions to effectively connect new families and individuals to ministry and mission


  • Reports to the Lead Pastor

  • Supported by Executive Director of Operations

  • Sits on the Board of Elders (non-voting)

  • Supports Lead Pastor in church's pastoral care functions

  • Leads Family Ministry Staff Team (Children and Student Ministries)

  • Leads major, volunteer-led ministries

  • Leads Global/Mission Outreach


  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree required; relevant master’s degree preferred with commitment to pursue seminary graduate degree if not currently held.

  • Experience in a leadership position in a large organization (500+), this could be with a church, business or not for profit organization.


  • Evident relationship with Jesus Christ with a genuine call to ministry and a heart to care for people.

  • Orthodox evangelical faith


Effective and Strong Communicator

  • Teaching the Word of God

  • Clear written and spoken communication that builds effective teams

Demonstrated Biblical Leadership Skills

  • Organizational (Business/Church)

  • Managerial/Supervisory

Relationship Builder

  • Staff Development

  • Shepherd ministry leaders and volunteers

  • Relational Outreach

Strategic Thinker, Planner, Facilitator and Coordinator of programs to reach people of diverse ages and backgrounds


Complement to Lead Pastor's Strengths

  • Collaboration with Lead Pastor in casting vision and aligning ministries

  • Flexible and Adaptable; leads innovation


Twenty-nine miles of Atlantic Oceanfront are accessible on the expanded white sands of Virginia Beach, with its famous paved Boardwalk and free seasonal events. Virginia Beach enjoys four distinct seasons, variety without the extremes. Winters are mild and snowfall is light. Summers are hot but moderated by the ocean nearby. The wettest season is typically spring, but agriculture and local horticulture flourishes all year long. Coastal Virginia is best known for its tourism. The military and farming also contribute to the City's economy. Town Center has become a hub for shopping and urban amenities, while the Great Neck corridor hosts upscale residential and commercial attractions. In 2020, the population was estimated to be about 450,000. The Coastal Virginia MSA is estimated to be around 1.65 million in a seven-city area.

Major companies headquartered in Virginia Beach include Sentara Healthcare and Anthem Health Care, Gold Key PHR (hospitality) the Christian Broadcasting Network, Operation Blessing International, and Stihl (manufacturing, US headquarters). Other major employers include GEICO and Navy Exchange Service Command, so unemployment remains consistently low. Within an hour’s drive of Virginia Beach one would find Colonial Williamsburg, the nation’s largest living history museum, Jamestown- the first permanent English settlement in America, and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. In Norfolk, port of Cruise Norfolk, where large ocean liners dock at Nauticus, The National Maritime Center, you can see the Battleship Wisconsin, with tours given by navy personnel from the Hampton Roads Naval Museum next door. 

Virginia Beach is home to 210 city parks, encompassing over 4,000 acres, including neighborhood parks, community parks, and district parks. Each park is unique and offers something for everyone, from wide open spaces to playgrounds, picnic shelters, and ballfields. Virginia Beach boasts surfing and sand soccer championships, and regularly hosts nationally known acts in concert at the Virginia Beach Amphitheatre.

For more information, visit www.vbgov.com and www.virginiabeach.com.

If, after prayerfully reviewing this information, you believe this role fits you well, or if you know someone you would like to recommend, please contact:

Dr. Rich Kidd



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