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Remote (but Colorado Springs, ideal)


ORPHANetwork is a ministry that was founded in 2000 with a heart for orphaned and vulnerable children in Nicaragua. Today, the $5.9M organization exists to break cycles of poverty in partnership with the local Nicaraguan Church.  Together they RESCUE highly vulnerable, impoverished and at-risk children; PREVENT vulnerable children from becoming social orphans; CREATE opportunities for new life for each child they serve, and SHARE CHRIST with everyone.

The Digital Marketing and Communications Manager is a new role that will design, direct and implement digital marketing and communications strategies.  This role will drive acquisition, retention and engagement while meeting revenue goals among new and current audiences through persuasive and persona-driven digital experiences.

In addition, this marketing strategist and executional implementer will influence the ORPHANetwork market-facing brand narrative and experience while inspiring individuals, church partners, businesses, and volunteers to take action on behalf of children living in extreme poverty through campaigns, social engagement, email marketing, advertising and stories.



ORPHANetwork exists to break cycles of poverty in partnership with the local Nicaraguan church. Together, they…

·  RESCUE highly vulnerable, impoverished, at-risk children

·  PREVENT vulnerable children from becoming social orphans

·  CREATE opportunities for new life economically, physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually

·  SHARE Christ with everyone

The Need

Nicaragua is the poorest Spanish-speaking country in the world, and it is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The country has a population of 6.5 million people of which, according to The World Bank, almost 25% live below the national poverty line of $2.50 per day or less and 8% live in extreme poverty surviving on less than $1.25 per day.

The communities in which ORPHANetwork serves are the poorest of the poor; many are located on the outskirts of garbage dumps, and many are in ultra-rural areas. Outside of material poverty, at-risk children in Nicaragua often suffer from a lack of access to nourishment, health care, education and opportunities. The country has the highest teen pregnancy rate in Latin America, with 1 in 3 teens having their first baby by the age of 18, which perpetuates the downward cycle of poverty. 

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ORPHANetwork was started when a youth group from Virginia Beach visited an orphanage on the outskirts of Managua, Nicaragua in the mid-90’s. They fell in love with the kids at the orphanage, the staff, the community, and most importantly, more in love with God.

Their steadfast commitment and infectious enthusiasm for the children led their parents to visit Nicaragua to investigate what their children were experiencing. Once their pastor came down, he understood that God wanted his church to help, and also that it would take far more than one church to make a difference for the 85 children living at the orphanage.

In 2000, ORPHANetwork was founded as a network of churches in the United States that shared God’s heart for orphaned and vulnerable children in Nicaragua. Throughout the years, God has blessed the ministry and made a way for the mission to expand in partnership with the local Nicaraguan church so that 33,000 vulnerable children can be raised to a new life in Christ.


ORPHANetwork encourages and enables those with a voice to speak up on behalf of fringe, forgotten and fragile children so they can experience a transformed life through lifesaving and life-changing developmental, relational, and experiential interventions.

As children and youth come to know the grace, mercy and love of Jesus Christ and
the impact of hands-up programming, they are able to successfully navigate a journey of transition, transformation and thriving within their context.

The core of the ORPHANetwork development model is the steady availability of nutritious food to address malnutrition. By focusing on creating a healthy physical foundation, and then advancing toward sustainable growth through regular supplements and vitamins, clean water, access to medical and dental services, and handwashing and hygiene training, the groundwork is established for cognitive, spiritual, and emotional development.  A Healthy Beginnings Program has been designed specifically for women of child-bearing age which focuses on pregnant moms, newborns, and toddlers for the first 1,000 days of life. An After School Education Program reinforces and excels elementary education with a focus on literacy, comprehension, and mathematics.  And, to help youth realize their potential and purpose, there are numerous opportunities to create economic self-reliance.  Throughout this developmental period, local pastors earn the trust and provide the platform to share the love of Jesus in word and demonstration.



1.  The best way to describe the present culture of ORPHANetwork is healthy and excited about the future. They are a very close team built on trust and collaboration. They value courage, commitment to responsibility, transparency, partnership and cooperation.

2.  ORPHANetwork has a new CEO who has been called to humbly and confidently guide the ministry in alignment with God's leading toward greater impact in the number of lives transformed as well as in the manner in which children and youth of Nicaragua pursue their purpose.

3.  The ministry believes Nicaraguans must solve the problems of Nicaragua.  Therefore, successful national leaders, primarily pastors/pastoras, are identified who share the values of the Mission and full support is given to them.  The US operation runs lean with extremely qualified staff; significant resources are marshalled to the Nicaraguan team to absorb as many operational competencies as available.

Ultimately, the ministry leans into the promise of Isaiah 61:3 “to grant to those who mourn in Zion – to give them a beautiful headdress instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, the garment of praise instead of a faint spirit; that they may be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.”


1.  The heart of ORPHANetwork is to serve and partner with the Nicaraguan church; therefore, the majority of the staff (102 full time-staff) live and work in country. The US team is small in size, (three full-time paid staff with two open roles and two full-time volunteers) but strong in their passion and giftings. This focuses the bulk of the resources for the churches in Nicaragua as they serve to rescue highly, vulnerable, impoverished, at-risk children while sharing the transformational power of Christ.

2.   The donor base for ORPHANetwork is loyal and has been committed for some time. The flip side of this is that a fresh multi-segmented group of financial partners and courageous influencers needs to be discovered and recruited.

3.  Revenue dropped in 2021 and is projected to remain flat in 2022. This dynamic reflects the impact of COVID-19 interrupting in-country vision trips and on direct church pastor- supporter relationships.  It is also a natural indicator of the completed transition from an orphanage-based implementation model to a local church-based model.  At its’ highest level, there were less than 500 children and youth in the orphanage-based program; today, there are more than 33,000 children in the current church-based program.  The ministry is confidently progressing in operationalizing the new child development structure.  It is also advancing toward a refreshed brand narrative.  The new Director of Development will not only share the new narrative but be expected to identify the means to invite many more supporters into this high impact ministry in collaboration with the CEO.

The new Digital Marketing and Communication Manager role will jumpstart supporter acquisitions and deliver one-time and continuity giving.  Building awareness, generating traffic driving conversion, diversifying the revenue stream, and delivering revenue goals will be the hallmark accountability measures. The Ministry requires a fresh infusion of believers and advocates.

This role will be responsible for delivery and execution of a digital-focused marketing strategy, market-facing product presentation and price points, message development and management, content creation, digital advertising, social media pervasiveness, website design, digital analytics, and campaign management within digital channels.

To be successful, this Christ-centered professional is objectively driven, analytical, creative and a resourceful marketer…the full package! They will move seamlessly between strategy (long and short-term), excellent execution, analysis, and storytelling. They will have a team-mindset and a heart for serving in partnership with the US and Nicaraguan teams.  Phrases like tenacious, yet humble; ownership mindset, team-player, collaborative, passionate, outcome focused describe this person.


Title: Digital Marketing and Communication Manager

Reports to: CEO, Bob Cleary

Position Location: Remote (but ideally Colorado Springs)


This marketing expert owns significant business building expertise and experience in designing, directing and implementing digital marketing and communications strategies.  The incumbent will drive acquisition, retention and engagement while meeting revenue goals among new and current audiences through persuasive and persona-driven digital experiences.  At this level, our digital marketing strategist and executional implementer will shape the ORPHANetwork market-facing brand narrative and experience while inspiring individuals, church partners, businesses, and volunteers to take action on behalf of children living in extreme poverty through campaigns, social engagement, email marketing, advertising and stories.  In time, this leader’s responsibilities may expand to hiring, coaching, performance management, assigning, evaluating, and approving work of associated staff.


  • Possesses a heart and passion for vulnerable children, working in partnership with the local church and reaching children for Christ.

  • Make a personal relationship with God a priority.  Lead a spiritually surrendered life.

  • Leads the development of the annual ORPHANetwork digital marketing strategy primarily, though not exclusively, for individual donors.  Will be responsible for creating the digital brand experience while designing acquisition, retention and revenue-generating strategies and tactics through omni-channel digital experiences inclusive of .com, mobile, social, etc.

  • Develops and leads testing (A/B, Multi-Variant), reporting, optimization and channel performance to drive performance.

  • Guides strategy through a digital marketing funnel, identifying relevant digital entry points, attracting new prospects/drive traffic to the website, generating leads, motivating conversions, and cultivating rich experiences.

  • Analyzes base of supporters while proposing new growth targets.  Will be counted on to design supporter journeys, persona insights and performance metrics.

  •  Design revenue-generating campaigns while procuring supportive content from Nicaraguan staff.

  • Fosters an environment of professional and personal growth, in alignment with ORPHANetwork’s strategies and objectives.  If managing direct reports, further selects, manages and develops assigned staff, establishing goals and objectives, coaching and managing performance, including discipline, motivation and annual reviews.

  • Prepares annual revenue plan and departmental expenses budget and adheres to ORPHANetwork standards while ensuring compliance with regulatory and board policies.


  • Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred in a related field

  • 7+ years of demonstrated relevant, in-market traffic and revenue generation

  • Web Development experience a significant benefit

  •  Highly creative with experience in designing digital campaigns that engage, inform, and motivate.

  • Experience with Adobe illustrator or InDesign.

  • Proven ability to plan and execute all web, SEO/SEM/PPC, database marketing, email, social media engagement and advertising, and display advertising campaigns and strategies.

  • Experience with Salesforce or a similar CRM information system.

  • Proven track record designing, building and maintaining social media presence

  • Experience with Mailchimp or similar email marketing and analytics software

  • Understanding of CX/UX - customer engagement journeys and persona development

  • Ability to identify, analyze and interpret trends and insights

  • Ability to plan, execute, and measure A/B and multivariate experiments designed to acquire and convert leads

  • Ability to evaluate omni-channel supporter experiences across multiple touch points


Salary: $80–95,000 annually, depending on experience.

Working: Conditions: Remote

Travel Requirements: Minimal, though will be necessary to travel to Nicaragua as part of continuous discovery and relational management.

Other: Must retain a valid passport.

To learn more about the ministry of ORPHANetwork, please visit their website or view their 2021 Annual Report

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