North American Operations Director

Steiger International

Minneapolis, MN (or remote)



Steiger International is a rapidly-growing, worldwide mission organization that is called to reach and disciple the Global Youth Culture for Jesus. The current urban generation, connected by consumerism, social media, and the entertainment industry forms the largest global culture ever to exist. It spans the globe, sharing the same values, listening to the same music, watching the same movies, and sharing the same posts.


This global culture is largely influenced by one predominant worldview: Secular Humanism—God is irrelevant, and man is at the center. In this relativistic culture, we are god and consumerism is our religion. This is a generation that does not look to the church for answers but believes it to be a dead and empty tradition of the past.


Steiger’s primary purpose is to bridge the gap between the Church and the Global Youth Culture They accomplish this by raising up missionaries and equipping the local church to proclaim the message of Jesus in the language of the Global Youth Culture. Steiger establishes long-term City Teams in strategic locations around the world, engaging in creative evangelism, relevant discipleship, and local church partnership.

The North American Operations Director is a new position that will serve as the operations leader for a rapidly growing mission that seeks to mobilize the Church in the USA and Canada to reach the increasingly secularized post-Christian culture, especially young people who are apathetic, cynical or even hostile towards the Gospel.