Marketing Manager

Wilson Hill Academy




Wilson Hill Academy is a for-profit online school serving grades 4–12 that exists to provide college-bound students with a classical Christian education founded upon and informed by a biblical worldview; equipping them to know, love, and practice that which is true, good and beautiful, and preparing them to live obedient, fruitful lives in the service of God and man. Founded in 2013, they now serve more than 1,300 students from across the globe with an annual budget of $3.2 million.


Their new Marketing Manger will be responsible for oversight of all sales, marketing and communication activities at WHA and will serve on the Leadership Team. He or she will be responsible for the implementation (including applicable training) and maintenance of all aspects of WHA branding and should have a working knowledge of the tools and processes associated with this department, including HubSpot, the Sandler Sales Model, the Story Brand (by Donald Miller) approach to marketing, blog writing, WordPress website development and maintenance, determining the cost of customer acquisition, using Google Analytics and other tools for analyzing campaigns, social media platforms, and website functionality.