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Generosity Officer

Your Move Collective

Atlanta, Georgia



Your Move Collective is a $5.3 million organization based in Atlanta, Georgia. Started as division of North Point Ministries in 2012, its goal is to place content in unexpected places in order to help people make better decisions and live with fewer regrets. Last year, more than 113 million messages were accessed through various Your Move initiatives including broadcast television (Your Move with Andy Stanley, currently airing in 38 markets), podcasts, and digital properties like Google, YouTube, Facebook, gaming sites and news sites.


Its new Generosity Officer will play a critical role in shepherding and encouraging past investors, future investors, and organizational champions as they seek to live and share the hope found only in Jesus in their spheres of influence, acting as an ambassador for YMC across the country in order to promote and fund the ongoing and expanding work of the organization.

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