Director of Development

World Gospel Outreach




Founded in 1984, World Gospel Outreach (WGO) exists to impact the faith of Christ followers through serving and evangelizing children and the poor. Currently working in Honduras and Belize, their work is driven by three fundamental Biblical mandates: to care for the poor, and especially widows and orphans (James 1:27); to be fishers of men and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost (Matthew 4:19); and to be accountable before God for how they meet the needs of others (Matthew 25:31–46).

They accomplish their mission by engaging in three main areas of ministry:

  • Serve Teams – Meeting physical and spiritual needs

  • Rancho Ebenezer Children’s Ministry – Caring for at-risk children

  • Impact on the North American believer – Life-changing opportunities to serve

WGO has approximately 70 total staff in Honduras and Belize (in 18 missionaries and about 45 national staff) and in decentralized offices in the U.S. The organization is governed by a 12-member board of directors representing diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. Their annual budget for 2021 is approximately $3 million.

The Director of Development is responsible for leading  development initiatives and managing the overall development strategy for the ministry. In addition to engaging new donors and generating additional revenues, he or she is responsible to care for and grow the existing donor base. This leader will constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to share the WGO vision and story with both potential church partners and new donors, and although this is primarily a fund-raising position, there is also a recruiting component to the role. The ideal person will have a heart for missions and will be adept at not only engaging donors and churches, but in also at messaging, marketing and branding as well as leading a team.