Director of Admissions and Recruitment (Marketing)

Wilson Hill Academy




Wilson Hill Academy is an accredited for-profit school that exists to provide college-bound students with a classical Christian education founded upon and informed by a biblical worldview; equipping them to know, love, and practice that which is good, beautiful and true, and preparing them to live obedient, fruitful lives in the service of God and man. WHA has a $3.5 million budget for the 2021-22 school year, more than 1400 students and 63 total employess.

A classical Christian education is first of all Christian. It is a pursuit of all that is beautiful, good and true with the recognition that beauty, goodness and truth are absolutes rooted in the triune God of Scripture. It is also classical in the sense that it seeks to equip students with the tools of learning and a worldview framework within which to pursue life-long learning. And finally it is forward-looking ... equipping students to face the challenges of the 3rd Millennium, armed with wisdom from the previous two.

Reporting directly to the President, the Director of Admissions & Recruitment is the top marketing position responsible for overseeing all activities related to Admissions and Recruitment that result in lead generation and course registrations for the continued healthy growth of the academy.