Chief Executive Officer


Littleton, Colorado



InquisiCorp Corporation is a 31-year-old, family-owned, historically $15+ million business—that has grown to $30 million during the pandemic—located in Littleton, Colorado that serves the national (and even international) homeschool market. It is comprised of two primary brands; Sonlight Curriculum—targeting Christian homeschool families—and BookShark—a “faith neutral,” values-based brand designed to appeal to public school-sponsored homeschoolers. Its mission is to provide families worldwide with excellent educational materials.


Leading a staff of 50 FTEs, and under the general direction of the Board of Directors, the new Chief Executive Officer will direct the development and implementation of long- and short-range strategic objectives, operating business plans, policies, budgets and programs for optimum return on shareholder investments. The ideal candidate will have experience successfully navigating a first- to second-generation or founding president to first-successor-president transition, preferably as the successor, but, certainly, as a close and astute observer of the process and as one who has walked away with the practical knowledge and experience to prepare to fulfill such a role him- or herself.


The right candidate will currently be serving in a position of upper management of a mid-sized company—potentially already as a CEO or at least a VP—and might come from a media or marketing company, or have a business development background. Or perhaps he or she could have a history with education and technology, and might also have a proven track record of working at a privately-held or family-owned business.