Lenawee Christian Ministries

Adrian, Michigan



Lenawee Christian Ministries (LCM) is an umbrella ministry that exists to promote spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social wellness. They accomplish their mission primarily by operating two separate but related entities:

·  Lenawee Christian School (LCS): A 520+ student K-12 ACSI accredited institution

·  The Centre: A Christian community center with approximately 7,000 members.

Viewed as a whole, LCM has an annual budget of approximately $8.5 million and is located in Adrian, MI.  They employ 82 full-time, 122 part-time faculty and staff, and 100% of their workforce is on location.

The Need

The Board of Directors seeks a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Lenawee Christian Ministries to plan, organize, direct, and control all areas of the ministry. In coordination with the Board of Directors and a team of administrators, the CEO works to expand the ministry’s reach and strengthen its ability to serve Adrian and Lenawee County by increasing the number of students in Lenawee Christian School, by growing the number of members and guests using The Centre, and by carefully managing the financial resources of the organization.

The Board of Directors seeks a visionary, enthusiastic leader whose personality and leadership will generate enthusiasm and participation in the mission of LCM and result in growth for the organization.